What's The Difference?

I have a 2002 FLHR (RK), no fairing. When I bought this bike it had beach bars but I need something a bit higher with more pullback.

I've checked the Reduced Reach bars but they require cable & wiring extentions which is something that I want to stay away from ie:($60 bars, $600 installation!...NO!!). The other option may be the Chrome Road King High Handlebars (#55954-00) which supposedly fit 96-01 RK's with no cable, brake or wiring changes, I have an '02.

Called Deeley H-D (Canada) last week to inquire about the fitment of these bars and was told (after she checked with a 'tech') that these would not fit.

So, OK, what's the difference with the bars, control cables, brake line and wiring between the 2001 and 2002 Road King? Has anyone with a 2002 Road King replaced the stock handlebars with the Road King High Bars without having to buy longer control cables, brake line and wiring extention? Thanks all.


Rule of thumb is you can go about 2" higher without cable and wire extensions usually, some exceptions here with different models.

Usually the reduced reach will work with the stock cables I believe.

There also shouldn't be much of a difference between the 01 and 02
My 99 RK came with stock bars I added 4 inch risers with 1inch pullback and buckhorn bars with no wireing changes and just had to rebend the breakline a tad and dremel the chrome handlebar clamp cover to allow the risers to come thru it. Took about 2 hrs for the install but remember that the risers have a left and a right don't ask me why I know this. My new custom handlebar clamp is still upside down, upside is it looks like a batman emblem this way.
Same dilema as you, just got my '90 FLHRS w/'05 Road King front w/beach bars, don't like them, want a set of drag/tbars, I like to lean into my bars w/elbows locked, good luck finding bars
I forgot to mention 'smitty' that I also stopped by a H-D dealership in Ottawa last weekend and asked one of the people at the parts counter about this. They looked in the 2008 accessory catalogue and in the description it said FLHR 96-01 models so they told me I would need longer control cables and wiring.

Just seems kinda odd that there would be that much of a difference with the handlebar set-up between an 01 and a 02 but apparently there is. Like I said I don't want to spend $600 to have $60 bars installed, at that price I will live with the beach bars I guess.

stock cables are fine. just put reduced reach bars on my 04 road king no problem..

hey brosco02 - i'm getting ready to put the reduced reach bars on my bike. i have the bars and the wiring extension kit. from what i understand, i won't need to worry about replacing the existing cables...

how did your installation go?? did you have any problems?? or was it pretty straight-forward?? any issues with the cruise control??

i appreciate any insight and advice...
Haven't given up alltogether yet 'smitty', still working with my mechanic to decide on something that will work and not cost beaucoup$$$. For sure will let everyone know what I went with.