Whats it worth? Right for my size?

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  1. drypipetiger

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    Hello all,

    Looking for some info. I'm 6'6 about 270lbs. Got a buddy looking to move a 2000 Dyna Wide Glide with about 16000 miles. He's got slip on exhaust, saddle bags and a few other addons including extended footpegs.

    Will this bike be comforable for me? What is the max I should be paying?

    Thanks in advance for input!
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    Take it for a ride ,City and Highway and see what you think,then do an online check for others like it see the values,checkk out your local paper to see what values are in your area,and check out your local HD dealer before you jump into anything,they may have a trade that is better suited to you
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    One thing about the Dyna Wide Glide is that you can stretch out a bit more with the additional brake and clutch extensions. I know a guy, Bill Smith, who use to play for the Trail Blazers here in Oregon rides a Dyna WG. He put an extended setup on his bike and custom seat. He's well into the 6'6" range. Not sure if he would be all that comfy on a cruiser with his legs tucked under him like a grasshopper. Just my thoughts. :D
    Ugly John
  4. bfmitch

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    A couple things to consider.

    A 2008 Dyna WIde Glide has a Gross Vehicle Weight of 1085 pounds. The weight of that bike with fuel and oil is 678 pounds. That leaves you 407 pounds for you a passenger and any stuff you put on the bike or carry with you. Or, put another way, you could carry you and another 137 pounds.

    I went with an '09 touring bike just because of the load carrying capacity. My wife is not petite. If I was never goinig to carry a passenger I might have bought a Dyna Fat Bob.

    Here's a picture that the dealer took of me standing next to my new Road King. I'm just 6' tall and my inseam is only 31". I weigh about 10 or 15 pounds more than you. The Road King fits me comfortably. Add the other six inches appropriately and try to imagine how you would fit on the bike.


    The advantage you have is that you can have forward controls on that Dyna. They really stretch out your legs and you can even get more extension than that.

    As far as how good a deal the bike is, I'll leave that to the experts.
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    Take it for a ride. I don't think you will like it. A friend on mine is 6ft 7in 230lbs, and rode a 2003 WG with extended forward controls. It was way too small for him.
    I'm 6ft 2in 245lbs and my Super Glide is just right. I have the tall-boy seat, forward controls and stock bars. I ride a lot with my heels on the pegs. I could extend the forward controls, but I think they look funny.
    Good luck with what ever you decide.
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    Just want to say "Dang bfmitch..that's a purdy motorcycle!!"

    ride safe

  7. 01dynaglide

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    I agree with everyone. Take it for a ride and see how you like it. I ride a Dyna Super and i'm 6' 230lbs and it fits me great. I put all forward controls on it and a different seat. You are the only one that can determine if it fits you. Good luck.
  8. SportyHawg

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    Gross vehicle weight is important -- especially if you are planning on carrying a passenger.

    Don't stick yourself with a bike that doesn't fit. Make sure you take it for a nice long spin before you decide. Do you know how well it has been maintained?
  9. wildspirit97

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    GVW is for the stock motorcycle, it's not too hard to upgrade the suspension on a bike to carry more weight.
  10. drypipetiger

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    The bike is very well maintained. The owner is a friend and I've known the bike since he bought it new. He is also quite tall. I'd say 6'4ish.

    I made him an offer and haven't heard from him. I'm thinking he may try to advertise it and attempt to get more. He's been offered $8000 by a dealer for it to trade in on another one. I offered $8800.00 today. We'll see.