What's going on?? Has anyone else experiened this

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Dec 15, 2008.

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    1St off I want to say I am very happy with my TFI and new 09 UGC
    But my fuel mileage has been going down as i put more miles on my bike Should it not be the other way around as The bike gets more broken in i should get increase in fuel mileage not a decrease. I am steady going down after TFI install I was averaging between 37-45 MPG then I dropped to
    32-35 mpg I adjusted the 2 pod down to 1:45 setting Now I just filled up and averaged 28 MPG My riding style has not changed between 70-80 steady

    Please advise
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    The pot #2 is usually the problem when it comes to MPG. It's an accelerator function that I found doesn't really do that much and can be backed way down with not much difference.
    The recommended settings I found are usually a bit on the rich side and can also be lowered a tad too.

    The temps and speed as well as choice of gears will impact your MPG but anything other than a bone stock 96 running the 02 sensors will usually return high 30s to very low 40s at best.

    Check your oil level.

    Also the right hand will kill the MPG too feeling all that power :D
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