What's a good deal on an 883?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by DakotaRob, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Howdy guys, just looking for some input. What's the market like on used 883's? Looking at a 2002 883 Hugger, all stock with only 2400 miles on it. I have a guy wanting to work a trade deal on a 4x4 pickup I'm selling and I'm trying to get a value on the bike. Is NADA a pretty good estimate? My wife is wanting to learn how to ride and I thought this bike would be a good way to start out.

    I've never owned or rode one, so not even sure what to look for. Any advice is appreciated!
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    I am not sure on the value of the bike as things are different on this side of the pond
    When looking over the bike check for leaks from the base and lower rocker gasket also factor in to your negotiation a new set of tyres as they will be the original tyres and 10 year old tyres are not safe and i would also plan for a carb rebuild as some of the rubber seals o rings and float needle tip will have deteriorated
    Check inside the tank for rust/liner deterioration
    Bear in mind the engine is solid mount so it will transmit vibration to the rider however replacing the foot pegs and hand grips can help

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    I know around here the market is flooded with them. I see them all the time for $3k and some much less. I never pay much attention to mileage and such because I am not in the market for a Sporty. I would keep an eye on Craigslist, they are plentiful.
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    Rob; I think NADA or Kelly retail book prices are high. ONLY because dealers/shops have traffic flow and usually offer financing. I use Ebay completed search to see what bikes have actually sold for across the country. Green $$ are bikes that sold, Red = not sold & highest bids.
    Ebay buyers usually have to pay shipping, so that can be factored in.
    Like Bodeen mentioned, the market is full of Sportsters.

    Oh yea, I think the season is to your advantage for buying in S.D.
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    As others have stated KBB and looking on EB and CL would be my choice...! I would then look at mileage and condition keeping focus on the eye of the prize. Do you want a "pristine" close to stock as possible for you to use as your daily driver...then I would probablly opt with a 2007 or later...! They have all the "whiz-bang" low maintainence stuff like EFI and "modern styling" if you like black...although their "custom" has plenty of alloy and chrome to make you smile. They also fixed the lousy fuse block location, sorted out fueling and yes, quieted the exhaust note so it is a pretty "respectable" street machine. Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-6k for a good deal (new 883's are close to MSRP is high at $10k), but if you look around like Breeze said, the buying season in SD is probably very good...

    If you are looking at restoring or a 2nd bike, the 2004-2006 models were the "2nd" gen carbureted models which can be had in the $3-5k range, but the carb "art" if you will was well sorted out by then and really reliable machines. If you are into "hot rodding" or tuning, earlier model years in the 1980-2003 have plenty of aftermarket support to build it up to suit...and the $3k or so is about what you can expect, though the closer to stock it is the more likely you will have less trouble...JMHO. There is a some good information in the Self Help section regarding buying tips on that new/used bike you select.
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    Any thing newer than 04 will not have a trapdoor tranny set up making splitting the cases the only way to work on the transmission:s
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    Already 11 years old as the 13's are out there.
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    Thanks for all the great input! You've given me a lot to think about and research. The original deal proposed to me isn't going to work. The guy thought I'd do an even swap of my truck worth $7500 for his 2002 883. :small3d002:

    And based on what a couple have said, I'd be looking for a 2007+ model anyway as I'm not interested in a carb'd bike.
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    Good choice...especially if you wife will be riding this Sporty. The pre-2004 XL's weren't rubber mounted motor so she'd be "shaking the fillings" so to speak. Also, going FI would be another good upgrade over carb.

    FWIW, I almost bought a 2003 883 Hugger this summer for $3200 w/5K miles. Even-Steven for your $7500 truck was a wish/hope/prayer on the bike owner's side. There are deals to be found...just gotta have patience.