What TUNER have you used?

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  1. glider.

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    Tell us what (EFI) tuner you decided on and why you decided on that over the other choices available. Also if you chose to go with the dealer download too.

    If you can relate to us the cost of the tuner and the cost of the setup and/or dyno time too.

    It should be helpful to others shopping for a tuner.

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  2. Moose

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    I have run the Screaming Eagle Race Fueler, and I have had a couple Power Commanders.

    The race fueler is a good concept. Great if you have a tach on the bike and or a good ear for tuning the motor. Pretty easy installation popped off the seat on my softail. Removed the rear tank bolt, and propped up the end of the tank to make room to get to the injectors. Total install time under 30 minutes from start to finish.

    Price was $225, required no dyno time.

    Has three "pots" low,mid,high. Also has two screws to control when the mid and high "pots" take effect. Also has a 6th adjustment for adding fuel to fast open throttle acceleration. Good for taking hesitation out of the bike.

    However, after less than two years of use. It has recently stopped working. Which totally sucked, because A.) I didn't have a toolbox strapped on the bike, and B.) pushing a motorcycle down the street can be hard uphill. I then went to the dealer to get a replacement, to come home and open the box to find a unit that had loose wires in one of the tie in EFI connectors and pieces of the insulation in the wiring harness stripped. Upon trying to return the unit (that I just bought mind you) and getting a bunch of gruff on how they don't take returns on electrcal parts. I have decided to go another route. Still to be determined, but most likely a power commander.

    The Power Commander. I have run 2 of these. Both have been on my sport bikes.

    The power commander used to be around $350, but I just picked one up for $280 for my new bike.

    These are more "new school" tuner friendly. Doesn't require a tach or an ear for the setup. Maps are readily available for download from their website. A laptop makes setup of these a snap. Installation time took a little longer on these, but I had to remove more body parts and find a good mounting spot for ease of USB hookup. The front of the unit still has the low,mid,high "pot" adjustments that can be used to dail it in.

    I have never had a dyno to set these up, and I can't complain about the performance. I'm sure a dyno tune could probably squeeze a few more ponies out of a bike here or there, but I don't know that the cost is justified, and I like to tinker anyway.

    I decided on both of these units for their plug and play design. I went with the SERF to try and keep the bike all screaming eagle, but I have recently changed my mind on that. My choice on the power commander had to do with add on's they have, quick shift, ignition module etc.

    When I get in my new unit for the softail, I will post the install and setup with some pic's.
  3. neonhomer

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    I have the PowerCommander on my 04 Road King. It was a price thing for me, since I bought it used for $100.
  4. All Nightster

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    I used that new Super Tuner that just came out for my 2008 Nightster. I combined that with the SE Heavy Breather and a Supertrapp 2-1 pipe.

    My end result was 84 HP and 85.7 TQ. I don't have experience with any other tuner but I feel very comfortable with the money spent to ensure I was getting a properly tuned bike and all the power that can be had. I LOVE the way my bike runs and would do it again.

    The bad part....the tuner, for two bikes was $625 and the dyno was $375. They created a custom map for my bike so from top to bottom, it is setup perfectly.

    Before I got it tuned, the bike would ping badly even with no mods and running 93 octane. Don't know if it's the Florida heat or what, but I wasn't happy about it. Now that it's tuned, I can rip in any gear at any time and the bike just blasts.
  5. Clayvis

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    I went with the Power Commander. Made this choice based on positive reports of others. Got it for $279 from More Power Racing. They called me and got the info of what pipes and air cleaner I was using. Then they downloaded a map before shipping it to me. Install was fairly easy, and the bike runs great. Plugs show a tad on the rich side, but gas mileage is good so I'm happy.
  6. Fireguy

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    I just put on the Vance and Hines fuelpak on my 2008 UC. A NO BRAINER. Just put your info into there web site and program the settings that are given to you. There is no guess work to be done. My throttle responce is better and my bike seems to be running cooler. I would highly recommend it.
  7. Fourdogs

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    PC2 for a 04 Road King. On advice of other who have run the race tuner vs the PC ...and ease of installation...again from others view point. Had it installed in 04 and bike is still running strong. Like one of the other gentleman said it seemed the plug and play is much easier than the HD Race Tuner. The Dyno guy at the HD Dealer also stated the PC 2 was a better choice and this guy worked on my Outboards years ago and Merc says hes one of the best mech's in the country. PC 2 was 310.00 and the dyno was 275.00...just did not realize the fuel loss before hand ...and of course being very new at this at the time did not know to ask!..Did not know about this forum then...lol
  8. MIHDrider

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    Somedays I wish I was more mechanically inclined so I could do this stuff.
  9. glider

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    It's really not that difficult.:s
  10. Bluesugar

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    I tried the "Dynatek FI Controller" first. Loved it. It was a little bit of a hassle to get to the injectors(smaller hands would help).It puked out though after a short time. I didn't think dyna performance would warranty it since I bought it on E-Bay(it was new in box however),so I bought a power Commander III USB on E-Bay also(the owner wanted to go with a SERT to keep everything MOCO)and had to buy a remote 9-volt USB plug to download the map I wanted to use and couldn't be more happy. If the PC pukes out on the road all I have to do is un-plug it and I'm good to go again. You can't do that with a fuel pak easily with out a bunch of time and tools that you normally woudn't have on board.