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    I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to do as regards whether to upgrade my sportster or move up to the big twin scene and would appreciate opinions.
    I've enjoyed every minute of my SportyL and have done a few mods including Progressive shocks, sundowner seat, Backrest, passenger footpegs, V & H Slip-ons and windsheild and was intending to do Stage 1 over the winter.
    I don't do big tours and the way the bike is set up is OK for me and the Missus (we're both small & light) for short trips, but on the motorway at 70mph it sounds like it's overworked & could do with a 6th gear.
    Apart from Stage 1 I was thinking should I upgrade from 883 to 1200? And maybe replace the tank with a bigger one?
    Then I got to thinking, should I (we!) just forget about it and try and go for a Dyna? It's big money and the thought of a 1580cc engine is a little intimidating as I'm not that experienced in the saddle and all that power... then again I've read here that they are easier to ride than a sporty.
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    A Dyna is a lot more comfy and packs a good punch with a bigger motor and 6 speed tranny IMO
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    In my opinion the Dyna is easier to ride. I was amazed when I did a demo on both. The center of gravity is lower and for me, I was right at home on the FXDL. 2009 was the last year of the Dyna Low but I am pretty sure it was not a whole lot lower than a non-Low.

    I would never buy a new bike without first driving one around for a bit.

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    Yeah Jack hear what you're saying, but with all that extra weight & power, do you think the Dyna would be easier to ride than a sportYL?
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    Yep, not as clumsy cause of lower center of gravity, Test ride one I think you and your wife will like it, :s
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    As i have both a Dyna and a sporty in my stable the sporty is lighter and more nimble but the bigger bikes have more power and have a lower centre of gravity so not so nimble and the bigger bikes have a longer wheelbase but you can get used to the larger size fairly quickly
    it all depends on your riding style as to whether a 1200 upgrade to the sporty or a change to a Dyna is best to suit your needs

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    My wife & I had a Sportster before our Heritage & like you we really loved it, but the Heritage is so much more comfortable once you're out on the road, with plenty of power & it doesn't have that tached up feel that we had on the Sporty. See if you can demo one at the dealer or better yet rent one for the weekend & get the feel of it. If you decide to go bigger I think you'll be happy, especially since you like to ride 2-up. :D
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    This question comes up alot at the shop, I sometimes suggest a cost comparision. Compare the cost of the 883 to 1200 conversion, to the cost of getting and/or setting up a new dyna (or used one) where its compatible to your XL. If the numbers don't change that much or is within your "means", go with the Dyna. If not, its sounds like your still enjoying the XL. Just a thought!

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    Well I guess I am a lone guy in the forest regarding the attributes of a Sportster...that extra 150-200 lbs and slower steering makes the Big Twins just that BIGGER...not necessarily better. The choice is more of application. If going for day to day riding, the poorer fuel mileage and weight in town along with the "--knock around riding" day to day ease gives Sportsters or "Choppers" (with sincere tribute to the less is more philosophy) gives them the nod. :s

    But if the majority of your use is 2-UP, laden with weekend or month long livery the advantage of the Sportster light weight and power is eclipsed by Dyna, Heritage or Road King, where steering and handling at an 8/10's pace is not on the agenda. Personally, if you can afford it, get both and if your gal wants to take up riding solo, you can let her make the choice easily in the comfort of your garage or out and about...! :D
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    As a previous Sportster owner may I suggest that it depends alot on your riding style. For me, riding solo, the 1200 was hard to beat but could have used a sixth for highway. Nowadays most of my riding is two up and I would not go back to the sporty. We have a softail and as the dyna, the center of gravity is lower and there is much more room. The transition from the sporty to softail was extremely easy as I'm pretty sure it would be to a dyna. The sixth gear is really nice on the highway.