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    O.k. I have some questions about air cleaners and tuners. I have a 2008 FLHT with a Stage 1 installed as well as V&H FL Slash cut slip-ons. I would like to get a little more pep, but don't wanna go nuts. I would like to get some more passing power on the highway without sacrificing gas milage too much. I've read several things which were either confusing to me or conflicting. I've researched a few products that look nice, but I'm not sure what are my best options:

    1) I've looked at the S&S Single Bore Intake Runner Kit (2 cone style air cleaners). Is there that much of a difference compared to what I have now? Will this give me the boost I want for ~$450 or is the S&S Tear Drop air clener sufficient?

    2) Will the K&N Performance Intake kit (1 cone style air cleaner) be similar or better / worse? (I can get it on e-Bay for about $275 with shipping to Canada).

    3) If I do the above upgrades will I have to get my bike retuned or is it not required because of the software download with my Stage 1?

    4) Do I really need a tuner for just this or can I wait until I replace my cams?

    5) Would the V&H Throttle Pak alone give me enough extra pep to meet my needs with my current Stage 1 config?

    I know its a lot of questions, but I know this IS the best place to ask them.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You say you have a Stage I but then most of your questions deal with air filters. A full Stage I includes pipes, air filter, and fuel tuner. Have you only changed pipes and are still running a stock air filter? You have no fuel tuner now - just a dealer Stage I download?

    First, I would complete the Stage I with air filter of your choice and a fuel tuner. The dealer download simply returned your bike to the factory stock AFR region. Dozens of choices and opinions on tuners - spend some time perusing our Self Help section and read up on them. Main differences are price, ease of set up, and level of tuning you can accomplish.

    If the Stage I still doesn't give you the pep you're looking for, the next step would probably be cams.
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    I have the K&N air filter that was installed as an extra when new. I didn't know the tuner was part of a Stage 1. The dealer supposedly sold me a Stage 1 with my bike but as far as I know it just has the download. I was mainly looking at another filter as I was to understand that more air meant more power, is that true? I'm planning on doing the cams but didn't want to do it right away if I could avoid it.

    Thanks for finding me that cam info Jack.
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    If you already have a stage 1 air cleaner changing to a k&n or other aftermarket brand you will not see a noticeable performance gains.
    You are going to need some sort of fueler/tuner and cams and or headwork for a noticeable difference.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My King is 09 and here is what I did..... So-far:
    SE air. Just the normal HD one. Nothing fancy but Opens up Air Flow and has the washable filter.

    V&H slip-ons (Left the same size as the Right one)

    added SE slender taper adj push rods using the SE255 cams

    Dobeck TFI used First then Gen3 .....NOW Gen4

    I did BETA for Dobecks on the Gen4...

    I Have Low End Torque and REALLY feel the power in the seat of the pants.

    IF I Were doing Your build, I would Add the
    TFI or the Gen3,,,,,, OR maybe the Gen4 (not for everybody)

    The down-Load HD SELLS IMO is a waste of $$ as it is still EPA TOO Lean. When you change Intake air and flowing Exhaust, the bike will be TOOOOOOO Lean. So HD sells a down load that,,,,,well like I said.

    The tuner I'd suggest is a simple easy to install and comes Mostly set up for your modifications you state to Dobecks when you purchase. Doing it OVER the phone with them AND asking for the HDT member discount.

    Dobecks products of which you get a huge discount and free shipping form them as YOU being a member here on HDT, IS Worth the adding-on Any time NOW OR after you Cam the bike.
    Dobeck will set the unit for your bike CLOSE if not Perfect for YOUR bikes modifications now. (TFI or Gen3)

    Simple to Change yourself iF you do Other mods later.
    (lots of help here from us also)

    Caming the bike to SE 255's WILL give you Lots of Torque as the 255 cam adds early close of the intake valve to Increase Compression= power out of your Stock size motor,,, along with the higher Lift for more breathing IN:bigsmiley36:

    Unless you want all that fancy intake (I feel you don't really need) I'd stay with what you have. Get a Dobeck Gen3 and your bike will have MORE especially after doing the Cams to SE255.

    That WILL put a big SMILE on your face and Not a lot of $$$ to put out.

    These are the Least expensive Modifications I know that WILL get you the RESULTS...


    OH YES did I say it will also run Cooler adding a little fuel that IS NEEDED NOW.
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    Thanks for the info Bubbie! It gives me a better idea of what to do. I've heard from other members here (and on my Dad's FLHTCU) that the bike can rough with the SE255s. Is it simply a tuning issue or is there a better cam to go with like S&S or Andrews? When I do the cams I would definitely go with gear driven ones as I've read stories about the chain ones. I was a little nervous about the Dobeck tuner as some have said its a pain to get it right but others have said it's great. I guess it'd be worth taking the chance on it with the support here and from Dobeck. Thanks again for your help everyone!