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    in us? That makes a man mount a 700lb 2 wheeled vechile exposed to the elements and ride in traffic. I guess people are different. A guy walked up to me and said man that is a good looking bike,I love motorcycles but i am scared to death of them.My 14 year old used to ride on poker runs with me.But a freind of ours hit a car,Had to be airlifted to hospital.Now my son want get near that bike. I rode it to hospital to see him. Never gave it a second thought.When i ride i sometimes hit back roads and just putt along, Then theres times when its hit I-40 and Put the spurs to it. Just setting here thinking this morning. What makes you ride a motorcycle?
  2. gahd

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    simply put.....the senenity and peace of mind!
  3. Roadhog888

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    It's stress relief.
  4. Not Very PC

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    The voices in my head make me do it.
  5. glider

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    I enjoy the freedom to go where ever on the bike. It's something that a lot of people wish they could do but don't.
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    Im in my own world when Im on the bike. I know something "bad" might happen but you cant dwell on it. Clears my mind, drops the stress level, a good chill out after a day at work. Rode home this AM after working a 12 hour shift, it was 44 degress here. Couldnt have been better far as Im concerned. I threaten to ride off into the sunset and not come back somedays!!!!!!:7::7:
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    When your on a bike it's real, when it's cold it's cold, When it's hot it's hot, When it's wet it's wet. The road's right beneath your feet, and the wind's in your face. And the best part,.....Your not locked in a little cage keeping the real world from touching your precious little face.!!!! If your one of those people that ride your bike onto a trailer, jump in your truck and drive to a bike run I got one thing to say........YOUR MISSING THE POINT!!!!!!! Get on the thing and ride, See the world, pull over, roll out a sleeping bag and look up into space at night. Enjoy your freedom while you got it, 'cause comin' real soon, if you want it your gonna have to fight for it:boxing:rider
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    As a teenager I was forbidden to even get on a bike, let alone ride one. Oh, if my wicked step-father only knew I had learned to ride from a friend who owned a Honda CL-90. So after moving out at 18 and into the open arms of the Marine Corps, what is the first thing I do after boot camp? Buy a bike. Will never (short of the grave) stop either.
  9. Coaster

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    'cause it makes me look cool :D No, seriously... I never really thought about it. It's just something I do and enjoy and it makes me feel good. Simple as that. I guess some people look at things and weigh the risks but I've never looked at things that way. If your fear guides you you're never free:s

    :D:D:D <--- I love this smiley
  10. acerider_01

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    Quite simply, it's cheaper than therapy!!!!