What New Hydraulic Lifters Should I Use.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CalgaryBikeBum, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Gone pull my cams again this winter to check things out and while i've got it apart was going to replace my hydraulic lifters. Any recommendations on what to put in there? I seem to remember some discussion on it awhile ago but not sure which ones are best. SE211 cams with adjustable pushrods. Nothing to exotic. What do you folks think?:D
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    I would run the stock Harley lifters my self, the price is right and I've never had any problems with them.
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    The stock Harley "B" lifters are the best for the money.

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    sounds like you have had it apart before.. WHAT has been done to the engine if any?

    BEING A 2000 model year, IF it is built ON or BEFORE 15 dec,99 date (2000 MODEL EARLY) it would of had the SMALL BALL style bearing on the drive cam, in it...a problem waiting to happen!!
    .........CHECK DATE found on NECK of BIKE FRAME.....

    ALSO you may want to remove the INA's and put torringtons into the (cam) engine block ...IF not done.....

    IF mine I would go for the FULL HD KIT UPGRADE to replace ALL the problem issues the early bikes have..... HD sells ALL for under 500$$$ (newer style oil pump,chain, hyd. cam support plate etc. as a kit)

    in my 2000 FXDS,
    I did go with SS570 Gear drive with a delkron cam plate. fueling oil pump and fueling lifters, many other engine build parts/ 6 speed gear set

    I liked the gear-drive set up in my dyna, but pricey.(put over 60,000 miles on motor)(117,000 on bike) still good... different engine builds over the years but USING the SAME CAMS N GEARS i bot back then...

    TODAY i would have gone with the FULL UPGRADE KIT offered by HD.. much less money and brings the old to the new style in use today..
    a great improvement over the old style parts used in the 99 thru 2005 TC bikes....

    check the date of manufacture on yours and see ....... VERY IMPORTANT !!!!

    please post results here.. THANKS


    I have read about your bike improvements on the OTHER POST and don't need to have you put here..

    BUT i will still ask is it EARLY YEAR 2000 or is it a LATE YEAR (2ond half ???)
    Harleys lifter B's are good

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    Good Morning;
    I have done the ina to torrington bearing change and new cams and new chain and new tensioners, new pushrods. I didn't replace the lifters? (I don't know why guess I was being cheap hahaha) What is the HD part # for the B style lifters please. And thanks for the help. :)
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    Calgary........are ya gettn lifter noise? I changed the cam out on my 02 to a Andrews 26G. I thought I had excessive lifter noise and changed my stock lifters out for the SE lifters. End result was no change in lifter noise. My mechanic said the profile on the cam was causing the tappet noise, not the lifters. He said the stock lifters are pretty much bullit proof, after market or SE lifters are designed for much higher compression, RPM and oil flow. He said the only thing I'd need to keep an eye on was the roundness of the lifter bosses, the condition of the anti-rotation pin and the rollers of course. For my 2 cents, I'd check everything and if I needed to replace, I'd go stock, none of them lifters are cheap and the more exotic ya go the more expencive they get.
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    Well I am getting some but every now and then when I start it I notice one lifter has not stayed pumped up and it rattles for a bit then pumps up and goes away. I didnt replace them when i Replaced my cams and they had about 30k on them but I am going to open up to check on cams (have put about 13,000 miles on this last summer so would like to check cam tensioners anyways and figured to replace lifters at same time . I would definitely go with stock unless i was building a screamer. Thanks for input.

    Thanks TQ I will order this week from Chicago HD :D
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