What Kind Of Tires....???

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  1. BlaineG

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    I just bought a 2008 Ultra Classic with 11,000 miles and have put about 4000 on it in the last couple months since I got it. Nice scoot, if a bit underpowered. It has Harley tires on it, and I'm not impressed at all. Still acceptable tread, and I'm sure it's original rubber with miles that low. Anyway, last sunday, I almost bit the dust when I hit a patch of very new blacktop patch when it was raining. Back end came right out, and I recovered. I know the new patchs are a bit slick, but in forty years of riding, I've never had the back end go out that darn quick. So....who made Harley tires in 2008?? I'll need new ones very soon before a trip to AZ in a month. I'll get Metzlers or Avons, I do believe..never had one problem with good tires.
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    Tire should say who made them??? Dunlop D402???
    Is the bike stock?? This might explain "Nice scoot, if a bit underpowered."

    Also, you have 15,000 miles on these tires?? Pretty good in my eyes. What a bargain those OEM tires are then. Let me know how many miles you get out of the Metzlers or Avons. OEM is a good tire. JMHO
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    I fitted avon venom x to my main bike at the beginning of the year as i wanted better grip in the wet than i had experienced with the dunlop tyres fitted to my bike
    Just got back from summer trip did well over 1000 miles on very wet roads and had full confidence in their ability to grip under all the conditions we endured the 1000 miles or so on dry roads were great
    My sportster will also be getting a pair of these boots

  4. Bodeen

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    I also run Avon Venoms and never have had a grip issue at the expense of faster wear. Softer tire=better grip=wear faster.

  5. horizonchaser

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    Just how long do they last Bodeen? Front? Rear? I'm curious because I have found my Dunlops to be a bit slippery on wet tar myself. Of course it may have just been the way that I braked that one time.
  6. gator508

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    Stock ride.. probably Dunlops. I always take it a little slow in the rain, haven't had any sliding issues except in loose stuff.
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    On my 2008 EG I average 9,000 miles on rear and just replaced the frt for the 1st time at 19,500. I suspect the tires on your bike were O.E. and worn out that cause incident. I have found the O.E. Dunlops best for me based on cost, and service I receive from them. Oh yeah the Harley tires used are the ones that say Harley stamped on them
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    FWIW, I had a set of OEM DumPops on another scoot, and they were so bad, traction-wise, I replaced them within six months. I ride hard, and expect tires to perform at a high level. No more DumPops!! Tires are not the place to save fifty bucks, no matter if you just ride between bars and saloons:s
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    If your rear tire has 11K, you are way over due for a new back tire. You should change the back at 8-9k and the front at 14k.
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    I'm hearing this a lot....perhaps those were the second set of tires @ 11,000...they looked pretty good when I bought them. Still, I want new shoes before heading out on a 4,000 vacation I have plannned for Sept 1 to Grand Canyon, and Vegas.