What is needed to change from the 3/4" axle to the 1" on a 1999 Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wannaride, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. wannaride

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    Getting ready to change to the 1" axle so I need to know what all that I need to do that. Thinking of going with chrome lowers also. Will the 2000-2012 fit & then do I need to get the brakes from that year also? TIA

  2. 2000glide

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    You will need a swing arm, break caliper, rear wheel from a newer style. If you can find parts from a trike conversion, that is probably the easiest way. Why are you looking at the 1" axel?
  3. TQuentin1

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    First off, why? And then, front, back or both?

    On the front, you would need at least new axle and all the jewelry (spacers, nut, etc.), sliders w/clamp, wheel w/1" ID bearings.

    On the rear, axle and all the jewelry (spacers, nut, lobe or new axle adjusters depending on system for swing arm), swing arm, brake caliper, wheel w/1" ID bearings.

    This seems like a lot of trouble. BTW, I have NOT been able to find a 1" x 52mm x 21mm bearing that I can just go and buy somewhere (other than HD) to replace the one HD uses. So you may want to consider the 25mm axle if you are going through the pain and cost to do this.

  4. wannaride

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    I got some 2006 SG wheels w/tires is one of the reasons. I am going to go to a later model rear swing arm (since I have repaired mine twice & think my bushings are bad in the SA). I was thinking of going to some chrome lower forks & since I have the 06 SG wheels, why not go to the 1" axles. Can I get the 25mm axles for the 06 SG wheels? I have the spacers, they just need to be machined to the size, which is no problem. One of the wheels already has the 3/4" bearings in it (rear of coarse) but I have not been able to find more of them to install the front tire & am not sure I would want to use them after removing them. Not much difference between 1" & 25mm, so either one makes not difference to me as long as I can get good bearings for them. Thanks

  5. Slapp

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    All the parts to due the swap LOL...Just kidding you will need, New bearings spacers, axle, axle nut, washers and swing arm plates or swing arm. Almost same stuff for front end except swap swing arm for lower fork legs. Oh one more thing rear brake mount (as it slips over the axle).
    If I missed something I am sure there are others who will add on.
    Good luck and be safe it is an easy yet hard/expensive project to complete.
  6. Fritz

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    I could be mistaken but I do believe there is just bearings for this swap,Look in J P Cycle catolog.
  7. PA 58

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    tons of the bearings on ebay motors, just make sure to get the good ones