What is best tuner?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by lugwrench, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I would like to know whats best tunner out there?I whant to get the best tuner available.I've got the 103 screming eagle big bore kit,rineheart 2 into 1 exhaust and a K├╝ryakyn HyperCharger with stinger and a K&N air filter.
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    Lugwrench, that question along with which oil is best has started more forum discussion that any other topics I can think of. Every one has an opinion, and a favorite.
    The real answer is the one that you feel good about and one that an indy near you or a dealer can work with. Lot's of people on here like the TFI and have good sound reasoning behind it. Personally I like the TTS as I am used to it and there is a lot of information on it every where you look. There are loads of Power Commanders out there and other tuners. DO some home work to see which one you thing will fit your plans for upgrades etc, and then start asking specific questions. Let me know if I can help.

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    The "filing thing" was a Problem on a few that made it out into the market place(so I understand it)

    I don't believe it happened Many times that I heard about..

    I don't want to RUFFEL Feathers BUT "WE" are doing OUR best to get OUR members here on HDTimeline.com a good deal from Dobecks products that are Good Quality stuff..

    I personally think Dobecks and the TFI's and Gen3's are the Best solid investment for a Stock or Modified bike... They WORK...

    Yes You can get Other products and Do So if you want.. We, Glider and I Tried to get "YOU" THIS discount.. The form makes Nothing from Dobecks and I call that a very Generous offer by Both Speed the Owner, Glider the Man, and bubbie the foot worker......

    This is unusual for a forum to NOT try to make money off their addvertised products... Speed, Glider and I saw a way to get "YOU" the consumer,,,, a value OFF their fine product and Dallas of Dobecks Performance came Thru..

    50$ and Free shipping....

    I would Rather we Not bad mouth the TFI or the Gen 3 as the few problems members have had were Dealt With in a very Generous Professional Manner and No other Company takes care of Problems like Dobecks...

    If you are UNHAPPY about their product so be it.... But NOT to put it down because of what you have Heard.. First Hand IS important..

    The member you mention about WAS very UNhappy and Posted so that many times.... I suggested He call Dobecks and talk with Dallas, the Co. CIO...

    The way Dobecks Performance Handled His Problem, (The one who had to File down the connectors)... He saying to mE,,,,Thank You for suggesting to talk with Dallas,,,, "They Took Care Of Me":D

    I am a MEMBER Just like You the Others Here on HDT and DO take Pride in the fact that this forum GAVE YOU the DEAL to Help out IF and When you want Dobecks Fine Products..... Aren't You??????

    You will Hear NO Bad Mouthing from Me.(.)

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    IMHO Dobeck TFI is the best way to go. self install is easy and great people to work with at Dobeck
  5. glider

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    Bringing up the point of a few connectors that slipped through in no way compromises the quality of the TFI nor the company that stands behind it. As far as it being "way easier" to install than other units, that's very incorrect also. It can't be any easier to install than the TFI and the TFI is MUCH more user friendly.

    As far as the two units you mentioned, the PC still requires programming with maps unless you get one from a company like Fuelmoto and then it's a map that is "close" to what you need and if that satisfies you then all is good.

    Many have had good results with both units but my money is on the TFI for ease of installation, user friendliness and a company (Dobeck) that exceeds the expectations of any company that I have seen (in my 40+ years of being a mechanic) for customer relations and satisfaction. They ALWAYS go the extra mile to see that the customer is satisfied.

    Hard to top or beat that.
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  6. doctordoug

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    TFI is perfect for my needs. If I was to try something else I would go with Thundemax because it self tunes and you don't need to flog your bike on a dyno. In most cases it is over kill for stage 1. New model from Dobeck should be out soon and I will look at it.
  7. Redfish-Joe

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    Had a TFI on my 08 and a Gen 3 on my 2011. Love both of them for ease of installation, setup and support.
  8. jkelley

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    educate me. I am with open mind. The TFI has a 3.0, 3.5, and a 4.0 coming? What is the difference? and without the O2 sensors can the bike compensate for altitude, and other variables? I use the TTS on my bikes but not opposed to trying a TFI on my wifes new Deluxe. I usually get 43 to 48 MPG with the TTS on a stage 1 96", and get the same on my 103 Ultra. What could I expect with the TFI?

  9. Hoople

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    I would never expect a piggy controller to compete against a full size engine management system that has closed loop feed back control. That just would not be fair. But for a low dollar, quick and easy way to overcome a BUNCH of heat & drive-ability issues all in one clean fix, I don't think your going match the TFI.
  10. BUBBIE

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    Gosh Hoople, That is Great stuff you spout..:D

    This would be a Great question to put over to DobeckTechSupport..

    I'd Love to Hear Their answers. If you post it over there it would be of interest to Many.. If you would jkelley.. Copy, and ask your question there...

    Hoople is spot on and Fair...

    It lowered my mileage after going Stage One and TFI from 44/46 best (Lean & stock) off the floor. Stage one and TFI. I got a lot less heat and More Umph, 40/42 mpg constant and When on the open roads, even 2 up, it gets better..

    I would ask? how much for the TTS and set-up??? The TFI or Gen3 comes with a hefty HDT Members discount -50$ and free shipping.. making it around 200$ give or take. I know a few member like you that have TTS set-up and the TFI units Just can't be Evenly matched, BUT for less $$ and owner install/set-up by yourself without a Dyno or Laptop. TFI is simply an easy way to go getting you GREAT results.