What is a "biker"

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    We have been having a few dead beats coming on the forum and using language that is not allowed here on the forum as most know. They have in some cases been given warnings about the use of language and still continue on their path because they say they are a "biker" and "bikers" use language like that :yeahright
    Just yesterday there was a member here that received 4 infractions for language use and still continued on his way with the language use.

    After yesterday, we had enough with this member and removed his account for the language use with an explanation given as to why he was removed.
    He rejoined and sent a PM to a moderator asking if his "friend" (which was him) could be reinstated and went on to abuse me for removing him in the first place. :D NOT a smart way of dealing with the situation at all, but then again, who said he was smart to begin with after 4 infractions.

    Everyones IP addresses are on file and if you choose to try to rejoin, the IP address can then be blocked so you can't even view the forum let alone post on it which is what happned in this case.
    I'm most curious as to what some people would describe a "biker" as and why they have to be insulting and use offensive language to post on the internet. I consider myself as a person that rides and enjoys Harleys and please don't refer to me as a "biker" because I do not care to be stereotyped as one if this is the way they conduct business.
    I had a rather nice up bringing and was taught to respect my elders and authority and as such has made me a better person and I feel being referred to as a "biker" only degrades what I have worked hard to attain in my life.
    SO...I guess what I am trying to say here is you don't have to be a "biker" to be accepted in a forum as a "guest" of the forum and anyone that thinks otherwise is not going to last long here. We have certain standards here and when you flame another member or use profanity, your stay will be cut rather short as some have already found out.
    If you act "grown up" and post with respect to others and the forum too, you and everyone else will have a great time and we can save you some money fixing problems with your bikes.
    We have an awesome moderating team here that is all over the board and will find any offensive posts and issue a warning. If the warning isn't headed, then you are fair game for what ever happens after that.

    Hope everyone enjoys themselves here on HD Talking as our GUESTS :s


  2. saybel

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    glider, well said.
    Some people think they need to use filthy language to express themselves. Sad, Sad, Sad!!!! It has nothing to do with being a biker.
    It's nice to have a forum, all can read and enjoy, without worrying about some sleaze-bag's vulgar language.
  3. Skratch

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    What makes a biker to me is not what you ride or THAT you ride. But more why you ride.

    If you ride to simply get from point A to point B in a cheap way, then I don't think that's a biker.

    If you ride because you love the freedom and openness of the scenery passing by you with the wind in your face and the smells in the air, an appreciation for those who share in that feeling and the respect for the machine sitting under you...

    Then I think that's a much better opinion of a biker than someone who simply rides and uses that as an excuse to swear.

    It's like the saying goes...."Its not the destination, its the journey".

    I know people that ride who just want to get where they're going. When the way it should be is 1/2 the fun is getting there.
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    I watched an episode of Gangland the other day. The focus was on the Sons of Silence motorcycle club. The main guy that they spoke to frequently described himself as a biker. Just about every other word was profanity and certainly did not add to anything he had to say.

    To each their own but if that's a biker and the stereotype that goes with it.....Count me out.

    I really enjoy this forum and the fact that my wife can look over my shoulder and not ask the question, "What are you looking at?!?" makes me feel that much better.

    Great job to all involved with this site, and watch out Glider, you're coming up on 15,000 posts!!
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  5. ProF

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    This is more a response to the language issue than the definition of a biker issue.

    Think about an upscale restaurant that requires a coat and tie for men.

    You may not like wearing a coat and tie. You may find it uncomfortable, or confining.

    BUT, you really like the food and the service. What do you do?

    You either conform to the rules of the establishment and wear the required outfit, or you forgo the pleasures of the food and leave. Choice is yours.

    The restaurant isn't going to change its rules for you. They have plenty of happy customers who appreciate the atmosphere just the way it is.
  6. glider

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    Yep, time to retire then :s

    I want to thank the members that back up our policy here on the forum. The support from you is second to none! :hii
  7. Skratch

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    The comparison you gave is fine Prof but only if you add the caviat that the person at the fine dining establishment using the excuse that "well I'm a skydiver and we don't wear suits" or whatever other excuse you want to use.

    To say that "I'm a biker and therefore I swear" is just that, an excuse and then groups others that may not need to use profanity to express themselves into a misplaced group called "bikers".

    I'm a biker. The guy who swears is a biker. But neither of us is a biker because of our language.

    Because heaven forbid that I get misplaced in a group of skydivers that refuse to wear a suit!! :14:
  8. bwalsh22

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    Well said Glider. If that is the case you can just call me a geek (which my wife calls me due to my love for computers and gadgets), cause I don't want to be called a biker then by anyone. You guys ae great, lets keep the bad language out and keep those guys away.

    I probably have not used a cuss word in years, not trying to applaud myself, but typically people notice it over time and are surprised (especially when I ask them not to talk like that around me). Usually those people will do 1 of 2 things, watch their language when they are around me or not talk to me. I feel the same way about people here, if they can't watch their language then go talk on some other forums.
  9. T-Bone

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    I found the site by accident. It has turned into a great find not only for me but also ALL the other people I have tuned into this site. If find the rules easy to understand and adhere to....Great job guys....

    I have ridden motorcycles for almost 46 years now, I was brought up by riders and have also passed in on to my kids and grandkids, to carry on the tradition of riding.

    Most people look at me and ask "are you a biker?". I guess at 6'2" and 285 pounds with a big bushy beard...I might look like one. I will never forget what my grandfater told someone when asked the same question years ago. "I prefer to be called a Motorcyclist. It has a much nicer ring." My father, who has a Doctorate degree in education always use to say that cussing was the lack of knowledege for the correct words needed to express ones self.

    Anyone can call themselves a biker, just be sure and understand that there are those out here that do not share your same definition.

    Moderators....keep up the good work and know you have our support!!!
  10. gunnut

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    This is a great forum,and I've had my slap on the wrist and am a better forum member for it.Thanks Glider and the other moderators for both.
    To me,a biker is being a part of the whole biking scene,pride in my ride,the people I ride with,and the brothers and sisters I can trust and rely on to do the right thing by me,as I like to think I do by them,not only in my club,but all the bikers I have ever met.Sure some swear and are a little uncouth,but that doesnt make them a bad person that is just them,take it or leave it.
    When on the forum,in my opinion, profanitys show a distinct lack of respect for all on here,and are righteously dealt with.
    Off forum,is a totally different situation,and is a tolerated part of the whole,wether we admit it or not.Anyways, I'm getting off my soapbox now.The season is upon us,so,if you call yourself a biker or not,I wish you all many safe and happy miles and may the great god Harley vibrate under you faithfully for every yard of them.