What did you take your test on?

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  1. Irish Hog

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    Well this is a spin off from another post about taking the MV test on your bike. When I got my permit, I had never ridden a street bike in my life. I bought the bike (Wide Glide), I had the permit a week later and I scheduled my road test for two weeks later. Now originally I planned on taking the test on my bike, but when I talked to a friend who took the test on his Dyna just a few weeks before said he would not take the test on my bike mainly due to raked front end and the forward controls. He did not like the idea of the forwards vs the mids, for stability in the cones and turning.

    With him telling me this the only thing that had me bothered is the U turn, I really did not want to risk dropping my bike for a stupid tight turn that you can not plant your foot or use your mid pegs to lean on too. So I rented a scooter and I don't regret it. I mean for real, when are you ever going to go through 6 cones and make a sharp U turn that you can not plant your foot and have to stay in a box. Now don't get me wrong, I get what the test is about, but you have to look at the big picture. These test should be more realistic and be done out on real road conditions or at least much wider area to operate in. So for me taking a test on the Scooter and getting my licence was worth it. I am not embarrassed by it, I have talked to many of guys that did the same, they all said the same thing, the test is too tight for a big bike..

    So with this said, what did you test with and how did it go??
  2. Rapedape

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    1986 Suzuki Intruder with drag bars on it. Test went well as I had been riding for years without licence. The drag bars on that bike made it tough at slow speeds to navigate the course.
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    I have two neighbors that flunked the test the first time with their Harley's. Cones to close and bike to big. I've had friends take the test on a scooter. Don't agree. I went threw a two day class with my 08 FatBob. It was hard and yes I blew a few turns but it's the bike I'm going to be riding. If you don't feel comfortable on it then you should get a smaller bike. I don't think these tests should be done any other way but on the bike you own. Your not learning or should I say your not getting what you should out of the test riding a 90cc scooter. I almost dumped my brand new bike at the end of the test because I pulled up on a hill and had to stop. Couldn't reach the ground until the bike was at 45 degrees. 700 lbs and one arm. But it was not going down. I still have a sore arm, but the bike is fine and I got my license.
  4. Bud White

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    Took it on my 08 Road King Classic missed one cone .. minor and blew though the rest of the test took about 6 mins to take the test and i was on the way with my certificate
  5. Clint

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    I took my ride test on a '73 Suzuki GT 250 (brand new mind you!). The test consisted of riding around the block. The guy that gave the test could see me when I aproached the RR tracks a block away and passed or failed on how the rider approached and crossed the tracks.
  6. MrSpringer

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    I took the test on my Heritage Springer, it is the bike i am going to ride so i used it for the test.......passed 100%
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    I rode my friends 04 Dyna. I rode his bike for 15 months while he was deployed to Afghanistan. I only took the MSF course, after the figure 8 and the 6 hardest tests, the instructor told me I was finished. He said He'd never seen anyone handle a big bike so well and he wasn't going to waste my time with the simple stuff. Well my friend made it home safely, I miss riding his bike but I have my XL1200N to zip around on. I love the dyna, but the sporty puts it to shame! Rob
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    twas the late 70's ---78 / 79 ( sophmore/junior in high school) in Paola,Ks. I had a 75 Honda CB 360.Been riding this bike for a while now and I knew EVERYTHING about riding! Rode it over there from home,12 miles, FLUNKED the written test,felt like a real dufuss, I can't believe it-ME -FLUNK the motorcycle test-WHY IT'S RIGGED I TELL YOU!!!! Went back three weeks later PASSED both written and riding,had to go thru the cones,turn around come back,turn around and ride between the cones and this white line all the time (in his gruff Ks. Hwy. Patrol voice,DON'T LET YOUR FOOT TOUCH.... YEA,YEA,YEA whatever pops!!! And I was the PUNK KID / BIG HEAD --- I PASSED,I PASSED NA-NA-NA BOO-BOO --- was leaving the parking lot,got on the throttle a bit ... hit a patch of loose sand .... YEP I laid her down right there!!!! Just goes to show ya (did me anyway) sometimes things as small as sand can knock you on your " saddle bags" !!!!!! :newsmile026:

    BTW ---- the Officer came over and helped me. THANK YOU SIR!!
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    That'll learn ya wiseguy!!!:s
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    I guess they way we due it in Missouri is a bit different. We take the written test at the Department of Revenue License Bureau. However they recognize the Harley Riders Edge as the riding part of it. Ya just have to take your certificate from the course to the license bureau and that all they need. So what ever they used in the Rider Edge course is what I used...believe it was a Buell.