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  1. YmmitHD

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    I am just curious what your thoughts being Harley owners and all.

    So last year we had a Harley count of just one at work which is my bosses HD Ultra. So this year the HD count has grown, we have two new Softails, One Deluxe and a new Street Glide. Maybe it's just me but it seems as though one with a Metric bike is not invited along with their little group to go on rides mind you we are all friends. Now for how personable and friendly You HD owners on here are i can't imagine that if someone like myself wanted to join in on a ride that it wouldn't matter what kind of bike one owns. Is it a HD thing or new owners with just big heads?

    Along with that i am planning my Dyne rental for this weekend so i can ride it all day Saturday. Now do i or don't I invite a die hard Honda Family members? I know most will say invite them and maybe they'll see what a harley is really like. I understand that but what I'm afraid of is (my pop's in particular) ruining the experience. I know that only i can think for myself but have you ever had it where you go on vacation with someone that just makes the trip experience miserable and very unenjoyable? Knowing me being more of the outcast it would probably make me want one that much more but i don't want that feeling. I want to see if there's that connection that this is the bike for me hence the reason for renting it obviously. So do I go alone or Invite them?

    Or is there anyone close around here thats looking to go riding Saturday?

    Well thanks for listening to my venting.

  2. HDSlopoke

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    2 wheels is 2 wheels (unless its a 50cc scooter). Personally i dont care if someone is on a jap bike, a british bike, a german bike or a 1/2 american bike. I would invite them if they like to ride, but if they are pro honda and thats all they talk about maybe not. but i would feel the same if it was one of those "HD is the best bike" or "people just ride metrics cause they cant afford a HD"folks as well. Definitly dont want to be around idiots....

    different strokes for different folks....

    as for counts, i live in Dallas, and we have one of the largest biker bars in the US. Strokers Dallas. 5 years ago it was 90% HD, today more like 40% Hd 40% metric, and 20% custom. meaning if you only ride with one group of bikes, you would be missing out on alot of great rides and great people....
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    Wow, tough call. I tend to be all inclusive of anyone who just enjoys motorcycling. But I'm a realist and understand that there are some people who will never "get" the whole Harley thing and you will never change their minds, so save your breath.

    I would explain to them that you've already decided you want a Harley, explain your reasons, and express your hope that they would be happy for you in your decision. If you still get continuous anti-Harley lectures or vibes, then excuse yourself from that group and transition to a solo test ride.

    Good luck and ride safe!!
  4. Davidw2415

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    I have a Harley. I have friends that have Harleys. I have friends that have metrics. I ride with them all because they are my friends, not because of what make of bike they have. If my Harley owning friends invited me to ride with them and said they did not want to invite the metric owners I don't think would feel comfortable riding with them any longer. So when you rent the Dyna if you feel like going out by yourself do that. If you feel like riding with a croup invite all your friends whether they own Harleys or metrics and if someone doesn't want to ride with that group because of what bike one of the others may have tell them to stay home. It'll be their loss.
  5. R. Lewis

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    RIGHT ON!!!!!
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    We have a large mix of bikes at work. We created an email group that we've tried to include everyone that owns a motorcycle in. When we plan rides, everyone is invited and we always have fun. The last ride, which I should post the story of and pics, we had 2 crotch rockets, 2 yamaha's and guy on a Ninja 250 and me on my RK. We had a blast. It shouldn't matter what you ride, it should be about friends, co-workers or someone you just met having a good time and sharing your love for riding. Just my 2 cents.
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  7. R. Lewis

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    Please do when you get a chance!!
  8. Apyle

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    Ride what you brought!!! There are those who beg to differ but in my opinion they can take a hike. I ride all the time with my dad who owns a 2000 vtx 1800 and I hate to say it but it can blow the doors off my 80 C.I. low rider. The only thing I got on him is the fact that I can turn around and sell my Harley which is 21 years old for what he paid for his honda.:naughty:naughty:D
  9. Royshere

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    My thoughts? Who really cares what I think? You shouldn't. I ride my Road King when I just want to cruse or my lady wants to ride. Ride a BMW back and forth to work and have a Suzuki to play in the woods. I dont care what you ride, just ride! If someone does care then they dont get it at all and your better off riding alone. Thats my opinion. :rider
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    I echo everyone else here, just invite whomever, yes there are some Rider snobs, I avoid those. For me, I wave to everyone and ride with anyone. Came up on a guy with a Triumph and try to give him a nod tell him nice bike, but he refused to look my way...oh well, to each there own.

    As for your pops, if you think he is going to ruin your ride then go without him. Your call, just make sure you enjoy it. After all you are paying for the rental so you mine as well enjoy the day riding.