What 6 speed transmission?

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    Ok I have a 04 Harley roadglide and might have to change my trans if a will go to a 6 speed, I'm on a budget do to having two kids in college, some my question is do I go with a Revtec or the ultima upgrade trans, hope we have some member that did this and have some info for me thanks.
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  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Maybe PM BUBBIE, I believe he add a 6 speed recently.
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    Baker is the way to go.... Why not have 5 speed diagnosed. If it can be repaired you might be further ahead.
    Most of these 6 speeds are $2,500 and up depending on brand and type of 6 speed.
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    Bubbie has a Baker 7 Speed
    He yanked my chain a long time ago sayin he did not need a 7 speed I was killin him LOL