well..... it's not running very well now?

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    My bike is acting like it has fouled plugs. 09 fxd with the techlusion tfi. I pulled the plugs and they were all black so i changed them but it's still cutting out. When i maintain one speed it starts cutting out but when i get on it it seems okay. all the wires on the tfi are still good, battery was still tight, it was on empty earlier but i filled it up. It also idles realy low now and doesnt pop on decel anymore. Any ideas? Kinda bummed because i just got it back from its first service a couple days ago and it rode fine but just started acting up today.

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    Within your text you did bring up that you ran the fuel way down, did you pick up some bad gas from a "not so traveled fueling station"? Also, because you recently got it back from service, it sounds like something worked it's way loose. It is still under warranty, so try not to disturb things too much, even though we all know that this is a holiday weekend and the HD shop will not be open 'till Tuesday or Wednesday next week. You checked the wiring, but did you also check inside the connectors and mates as well as the ROUTING...something may have gotten crushed or pinched, so check everything that was worked on first. Please keep in touch as to your progress...
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    Try unplugging the TFI and run it on the fact.ECM ,TFI is a good product but I would not wan't to go into the dealer for warranty before I ruled out TFI failure for myself:s
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    Plugs should be light tan or light brown in color. Black= too rich, much to fuel.
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    Very rarely can the plugs be used as a tuning aid any longer since the removal of the tetraethyllead from the fuel that caused that coloration on the plugs. What you see now a days is the fuel additives on the plugs as far as color and means nothing as far as the tune of the engine.
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    you say all the wires on the tfi are good, how about the injector wires? Is the TFI set correctly. Are you running resistors or using the oxygen sensors?
    You say you changed the plugs. Are they gapped correctly?
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    The gap is good. Now that i had light to see i pulled the air cleaner and it looks like oil is getting in somehow. Its the kuryakyn pro r hypercharger. The bolt that goes in to each head that has the hose looks to be leaking a little, nothing major but looks like enough to be gettin oil in. Im not that mechanical but if i can see something obviouse i can usually fix it.
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    i"ll check that too when it stops raining. I went to autozone to grab a new piece of hose and the shops daughter was cleaning so i stopped and called my guy and we seem to be under the same impression that the tfi is bad.
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    Problem solved. The vacume hose to run the butterfly was torn on the bottom side where it hooks to the motor. 3 dollars for plugs and 2 dollars for hose later the problem is fixed. Its always the little things that cause the most problems.

    By the way here's a nice little tip for putting on hose in tight spaces. I used a close hanger inside the hose to give me something to push against. :cheers
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