Well It Happened #2

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BCRoadking, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Well Guys Still recouperating from the gumby flight over car , backs gettin better , neck seems to be the worse as well as the cuncussion everthing still a little fuzzy , sorta like ya just woke up from a two day bender , oh well enough about me .
    Bike is another story , all front end damage , forks bent and twisted , can see where tire flexed back into front header pipe , some minor scratches on rest of bike , those crash bars really did save the bike from front and back . ICBC the insurance company out here (moscow mutual) figures there is about 8thousand dollars canadian damage to front end not including frame damage to the neck. My question is even though the neck looks straight and if it is straight the dealer as well as my self figure it took a huge hit and may end up having a stress fracture or somethin of that nature , the dealer is leaning towards that and if thats the case the bike is a write off .
    so what you guys think this is the first time anythin like this has happened to me so lookin for a little wisdom from you guys.

    Thanks BC
  2. scts

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    Not had to deal with it for the bike, but had a truck that was in the same boat - hit at an intersection, borderline on total or fix. Ended up with the fix it route, which I thought was going to be cheaper for me... in the long run the truck was never the same and I ended up wishing it had been totalled and I had moved on.

    Either way, good luck - hope it works out best for you and continue to heal.
  3. martin14

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    Same as biglew. Don't take the chance.

    There may be other hidden damage that no one will catch until its too late.
    Write it off and get another one.

    We all get emotionally attached to our bikes, but its no fun if you are running
    down the road, thinking is she really back together properly ?

    Take a piece from this bike to put on the new one to remember her by...
    I think smitty gets credit for that idea :)

    p.s. it'll be easier with ICBC as well.
  4. RD King

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    Like scts, I haven't had a bike problem like this but I had a truck that someone caved in the left front end on a few years back and just like he said it never drove or felt the same as it did before the accident.
  5. STEVE07

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    I would be doing everthing I could at this point to make sure they declare it a write-off.
    Walk away from it and get a new toy

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    BCRoadKing...I agree with most, any question regarding heavy impact to front end, it is a write off...NOT a ride off. :small3d007:

    It will give you a fresh start and not questioning the integrity of your ride once you climb aboard. Now get well, peace of mind is a big part of the healing process. :s
  7. scrinch

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    Go new if they will declare it a total. Problems with wrecks haunt you for years.
  8. rkrdr2

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    I stuck my 04 Road King into the side of a car that turned in front of me...I also did the gumby thing and after a couple surgeries and 6 months of rehab it was time to ride again....The bike was only 6 months old..it did 12k in damage and the Insurance co would not total it...The dealer told me that they replace frames all the time and not one bolt,screw,washer,gasket or anything else would be reused because now they have a liability stake in getting the bike fixed right...so after a new frame and a completely new front end,tank,bags pipes I got the bike back and I will admit the first thought was to sell the bike and get another one but financially that was not an option. The first year I was waiting for all kind of problems that never came......that was 25k miles ago and I have not had one problem with the bike....I wish I can say the same about me..the injuries haunt me every day..but I am still here and still riding!!!