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    I have a 2008 Ultra with 43k on it. When can I expect some major maintenance issues? Bearings in the neck, swing arm wheels etc? What is normal belt life? When can I expect the engine to need freshening up. I put in new fork seals at about 30k. I don't ride it overly hard as in trying to spin the back tire.
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    My 2008EG has 25,000 mile and has been like a Timex watch till this year.
    Bike was making a bad bearing noise. Like you my bike is not abused and all stock. Found out the noise was the inner primary bearing which was replace to the tune of $500.00. Had the fairing brackets replaced with updated ones at 19,000 miles both had cracked........
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    50k on my 2010 ultra Classic no big things worng yet. At least things you could fix. Been in the shop twice. All covered under warranty.
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    I have 46000 miles on my 2007. Have never had it back at the dealer since I brought it home. I'm not worried about the higher mileage. I do "know" my scoot pretty good and therefore recognize any unusual sounds or differences in how it feels. I do follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

    At 50000 miles I'll go in and replace the fuel filter and fuel lines.

    This summer it's getting a new front tire and I'll also replace front wheel bearings.

    Next new rear tire I'll also replace the original drive belt (next year sometime).

    I pump in new grease to the neck bearings every spring.

    Check and adjust fall away per recommended schedule.

    Changed fork oil this summer.

    Not using any oil between oil changes (every 5000 miles)

    SO my practice is to not ignore the maintenance and ride with confidence.

    Many folks on here have way more mileage than we do.
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    03 ultra 115K miles, original wheel bearings, belt, neck bearings. Most of the issues it has had has been due to the work of some of the trained techs doing bad warranty work.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    ON my 09 KING....
    First thing Needed as they never Fill the neck-bearing with grease. Using 1.5 tubes of syn red Grease.

    Warranty one front brake rotor at 24,000 miles

    Front breaks at 25,000... Now at 65,000 and will do both Both front and back soon...
    Needed or not here they come.:s

    I replaced the front wheel bearings at 50,000 miles Just to Be on the Safe side...

    I changed oil in the front forks at shy 50,000.
    No problems there but really discolored Dirty oil...

    I.m going to do it earlier than the 50,000 HD recommends next time.:55:

    Oil changes using HD filters at 4,000 unless out on a trip.
    20/50 Redline in the motor

    MTL in the primary/clutch (Redline and done when changing engine oil)

    ShockProof Heavy by Redline in the tranny... A MUST for me...
    20,000 will do Unless water rides are done...
    Use your Own thinking here,,,, A quart of New is not going to break the bank.
    I just refreshed my 96" King to 103 using all new made upper parts;

    Reworked Heads Blueprinted by Don Dorfman of "Dewey's Heads" in Wa state with comp releases installed.:s

    Seasoned cylinders bored and pistons, SE flat-tops and rings fitted by prodrag1320 Kirby

    Both these builders doing First Class Work...:s

    I was using a Small amount of oil at 50,000 miles, Nothing you could not live with but had all the parts to change out for the 103 8 months earlier here in Az.
    Too Much SUN:D and wanted to do it during Monsoon season. Worked out just fine.

    I found my rear cylinder oil rings were stuck out tight and filled with burnt carbon... Causing some oil consumption. Could have gone more miles but ready for the up-grade.

    Belt is the original and I don't expect replacement any time soon...

    Rocks and New blacktop are the worst on them.

    Glad to be back and giving out these TOO LONG post:lolrolling

  7. Jack Klarich

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    27,200 miles, crank shaft run out excessive, destroyed bottom end, cracked oil pump. Now have H D reman engine:s
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    62k on my 11 RG. A few tires and a set of brakes. Nothing else.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Well, I NOW can add to MY above list...

    Went out this AM to get in a fairly normal Friday ride with a group of local Bikers.

    Az= Monsoons full swing now but early morning rides usually miss the Wind/Dust and the Lighting Strikes...:newsmile03:

    What????? NO START...

    Yes, I had the compression releases IN and just Nothing strong enough to turn the bike over... Lights were Dimming... Errr-Errr...

    I Knew I was going to need a new Battery... FOR A Long Time...

    My King is an 09 and the Battery probably early 08 at least, maybe even 07 vintage.

    Mind You,

    I'm out in the middle of NO WHERE and Lucky a local 30' x 30' parts store in our Little Village carried a US made Battery, "Power Sport Battery".
    Just happened to have the correct one for my touring model King. 123$ with tax out the door... No HD parts would sell that low... Same size, same weight as the HD one...

    Battery is a Deka, made in the USA and says so in 4 languages right on the box.

    The closest Other place to buy HD parts is Sierra Vista HD or HD in Tucson...
    Both towns are close to 200 miles round trip.

    Installed new one, gave a "Bike Prayer" asking for it to last as long as it's predacessor.... :)

    Now I can ride and feel comfortable that I FINALLY replaced the battery that should hve been replaced long ago...

    I usually PREACH 2/3 years in this Az. Heat and then You are on Borrowed Time

    Next time I say you need to replace your battery Remind me of this post...please