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    I have a 2009 Dyna Street Bob and recently changed out my stock lense covers for HD approved smoked lenses. After about a month I started having problems with my rear lights staying on. When I took it into the local HD dealer I was told the smoke lenses and bulbs are not compatable for the 09, even after they sold them to me. Reason: they do not interface with the security system? Has anyone run into this issue or is this (EDITED)?

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    Not knowing the draw on the bulbs you put in , there is a possibility that the draw on the new bulbs is different than the old ones. You failed to post the numbers on the bulbs and if they could be LED bulbs you installed. They still shouldn't stay on either way if they had the same single contact on the bulbs. The problem if any from the bulbs should effect the TSSM and not the alarm , the TSSM can adjust to slight difference in draw from different bulbs but not large differences.. Switch back to the old bulbs and see what you get.