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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by MrAnderson72, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I got my 09 Street Glide 3 weeks ago in vivid black. While it was sitting on my car port it rained and got some on the back of the bike that dried and looked like road grime. I wiped the bike down with a soft cloth. My problem is on the back of one saddle bag it will not come off. It looks like the small greyish white spots are in the paint and will not clean off. I have tried every thing i know to remove them with no luck. I feel about sick because it has only been rode once and has 27 miles on it. Has any had this happen or does any know how to get this off the paint with out doing further damage.
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    I don't have any magical ideas for the water spots. If that's what they are, I can't believe good 'ol fashioned elbow grease and any cleaning product can't get them out but you said you tried everything. Are you sure they're a result of the rain? Could something be dripping on the bike from the carport? Could they have already been there and you didn't notice - doubtful, I know?!?

    Obviously, if you're going to be keeping it in the carport permanently, you should invest in a good cover to prevent this from happening again.

    Good luck!
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    They look like water spots but it will not come off with elbow grease. I have the bike under a cover now.
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    I agree with Doc, I have never seen a water spot that wouldn't come off with wax or Pledge. My guess is that something besides water was in the water.
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    Sounds like some acid rain or something from the rain dripping on the bike after it ran off the car port. I would try some white polishing compound or a liquid wax first. It sounds as if you wiped the spots with a dry rag, maybe a wet rag with a little bit of vinegar in the water may help.
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    If all else fails hand buff it with a fine compound and then liquid glass over the area,or the whole bike ,it is a great paint protecter and glosses up fantastic
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    MrAnderson...(I feel like I am in the Matrix) is the offending spot or spots on the saddlebag or actually on the paint?
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    MrAnderson72, I feel your pain and experienced the same thing. Actually quite a few of my friends have experienced the same thing on the plastic painted parts on their harleys on this humid gulf coast. It made me sick because I tried so many waxes, polishes, cleaners , swirl removers, etc I had no idea what caused it and still don't. All I can say is that through much elbow grease using Meguiars Deep Crystal paint cleaner step1 I managed to restore it to it's original luster and finished off with Pledge. I have maintained the brilliant shine and eliminated the gray spots. Believe me I tried them all...all kinds of swirl removers and cleaners to restore it. I guess I got lucky and will never use anything else but Pleage since I got the gray spots out. I'm no scientist, don't know which product caused it, don't care. But I do have a whole tub of cleaners and polishes and swirl and scratch removers and the highest priced waxes money can buy but will never use any of them ever again on my plastic painted surfaces. What works for steel painted surfaces and what worked in the past just didn't work for me now. I don't know if it's the environment on the extremely humid Texas gulf coast, the hardness of the water, or what. But I thought I'd give you my recommendation because for the fist time with this 6 year old bike I was almost in tears to see my baby in that condition that continually got worse.

    You really want my personal opinion? With metal painted surfaces you are trying to protect the metal underneath with waxes to keep rust pits from developing and giving it a brilliant shine. With plastic or fiberglass painted surfaces all you are doing is cleaning it, and giving it a deep luster shine. Waxes don't do much at all here. Besides shine, the fine film of the wax does nothing. It is better to use Pledge for that luster shine and cleaning and all that fancy wax does nothing to protect any thing underneath and can actually damage the underlying plastic or fiberglass as it soaks in as you have described.
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    Hey Glider, I like this guy...a firm believer with Pledge and tell it like it is ATTITUDE...He's Hired...leave the posers to the "Donald!" :ap
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    I like him too, there goes my stock up :bigsmiley23: