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  1. Apyle

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    I got a call this morning that one of my riding partners had a run in with one of Michigan's most common road hazards. He was on his way back from work at about 11:00 last night and Bambi jumped out in front of him. There is all the more reason to slow down after dark (could never get that through his head). He is now laying in the hospital with a concussion. He was unconscious until about noon today. He has improved with every update I've received today. He is supposed to be moved out of ICU tomorrow. Guess the moral of the story is be careful. Better be late than never make it.
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    Sorry to hear about your buddy!! I ride after dark when going home from work, I get off at 2am so I am always on the lookout for them deer and other animals as well. Haven't had any near misses so I count my blessings! But you should never suspect that a critter will not find its way in front of your travels, night or day around here in Oklahoma they seem to be everywhere! Will be prayin for a speedy recovery for your partner!
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    Our friends call the area we live "The Petting Zoo" here in Missouri. The deer population is out of sight..and we live out in the sticks. We've seen many a deer..Luckily we been riding a very reasonable speed...and each time we've spotted 'em we were going slow enough to adjust speed and direction. The worst time however a pickup was coming towards us and hit a came towards us ..I slowed down as the deer was thrown to the ditch...but he got up and seemed to charge at us...but she collapsed before she got to that was scary..So even if you think your in control someone else may change that very careful out there folks...Hoping your buddy is ok and will be back on the road soon.
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  4. 01dynaglide

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    I hope your budy makes a good and fast recovery. We will be praying for him.
  5. Bud White

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    Glad he is fairly ok... I have wondered about them dorky looking little anti deer horns as some of the areas i ride have lots of deer
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Like everyone else, I am very thankful it didn't end up worse for your friend.

    Luckily, I don't HAVE to ride at night so I hardly ever do. In addition to critters, your ability to see at all is severely reduced and, statistically, there are a LOT more people driving around under the influence as the night goes on.
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    I've seen several articles saying that tests indicate that the deer whistles don't work. Better just slowing down and looking for reflections off to the side that seem to move.
  8. Davidw2415

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    Hope your buddy will be ok.
  9. Apyle

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    I just came from the hospital and he is alert and responsive. He is recovering faster than what they had anticipated. I guess the first thing when he woke up was he asked where his bike was, he knew he was in the hospital but he didn't know where. His short term memory is slowly returning. His leathers saved his skin but his helmet left a lot to be desired. The doctors and the police officers on scene said, if he had been wearing a better helmet he probably wouldn't be in the situation he is in. I'd been telling him to get a dot helmet but he just wouldn't listen.
  10. Joyflyin

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    Glad to hear the good news on your buddy. I almost always wear my helmet, and if I ever doubt it, it will be replaced. Best wishes & a speedy recovery to your friend.