Washing It Correctly!! or Not!!!

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Rhys, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I just viewed the video on here with the guy useing gas. I can tell that he road the short bus to school as a kid. Now with that being said I also looked for a video and a thread of how to do it correctly. I have been blowing mine off with air, then wipeing it down with a wet cloth and drying, then doing a bit of detailing with sray wax and some crome cleaner. And whats the pledge for? And like a slow learner I will no longer armorall the seat no matter how nice it looks "very hard to stay on YE-HA"!!!! So what is the best way to spray water, and apply soap to a bike?
    Thanks guys
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    That is My bike..Seldom water.. maybe a bucket just a little on the wheels mostly.

    Hose out the brake dust occasionally, I really do USE PLEDGE and Microfiber cloths..99% of the time.

    The micro fiber seems to Never leave a mark.. If I have a buggy wind screen, IF not really Bad,, 5 spots or so, I forget the water spritz sprayer and just spray on the pledge OR spray it onto a folded Microfiber (folded in 1/4's)

    Using the spray directly on MF cloth for a 2 second spray.. rubbing with the MF cloth gets the dried bugs loose and the wax then polishes with a clean loose MF cloth. NO Scratches i see.

    I have had this bike for com'n on 2 yrs and It looks good.. also A 2006 1200 R sport detailed the same way draws OOOOss' EVEN Geezer Ooooed...EH

    I have always cleaned My bikes this way. My 2ooo FXDS looked just as new as this New bike looks Ten years old and looked new.. Gotta be the PLEDGE... Glider's Favorite...
    He's got stock in the company you know... JnJ

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    I've washed my bikes using low pressure water since the 70's with zero issues. Getting all the dirt off the paint is the most important item. Water is not sparayed direcftly into controls or radios. Other than that, there are no problems.

    Pledge might look fine but it's water soluble and comesd off with the first drop.I've used Liqual Glass since 1971 and use it today. Multiple coats go on and off easily and makes the finish look like "glass".

    I have used Pledge or Honda's Spray Polish on the lexan with care.
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    A men, soap and water is for showers. I treet my bike like a piece of fine sterio equipment.
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    I always wash my bikes cold with S100 then blow dry and go over it with a soft towel. My bikes always look like new and I've never had any problems with them. Years ago I used car wash soap but those days are long gone.
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    I'm a water guy. I use lots of low pressure water to (hopefully) float grit off the surface. Then soap & water & rinse. No water spray above tank or instruments.
    Blow excess water off then towel dry. I have dedicated towels and wash pads for mcy. PAINT and OTHER parts. If one gets dropped, it goes in the washing machine before using again.
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    If I get stuck in the rain I wash with S100 and blow dry also...Then, and this is important....Pledge.....Now listen.....Pledge works best if you sing the song while you use it......Try it,,,Works for me:)......
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    s 100 4 me when i get it wet. lucas slick mist is what i use after every ride works awsome and only takes a min to use
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    I dont know what s100 is "soap"??? and I dont know the song can you sing it for me???:laugh Seriously though you use pledge on everything, crome,paint,wheels, ist it a all in one 4 you