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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hotrodjohn, Sep 18, 2010.

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    I hemmed and hawed when bought my 04 Road King to purchase the extended warranty and I ended up purchasing it. Ofcourse my dealer gives me no written info on the coverage so I call the ESP center and ask some questions about modifications that void the warranty. I was told that I can do a "stage one" upgrade which means slip ons no head pipe change high flow aircleaner and a "street legal" stage one download for the efi. That kind of bums me out but I do want the warranty as I have allready used it for a inner primary seal leak ( I have replaced them my self and could do it but for a $50.00 deductable why ot just let them have at it). Does anyone have experience with the stage one download download? I would have prefered a daytona twin tec or power comanderIII but I think a three year unlimited millage warranty is worth having with a bike that I bought with 20,000 miles on it and have put 3000 on in 6 weeks. I will try to put this warranty to the test!!:D
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    I find it very hard to believe that there is an '04 out that did not get the "stage one flash" when it was new...this dealer flash was very common practice back then...basically for your $$$ all it did was extend the rev limiter from 5800 to 6200 rpms...did absolutely nothing to add fuel and rich en up the mixture...If you have not done anything yet call Jamie @ FuelMoto 877-729-4754...Fuel Moto USA great guys to deal,he will answer any questions you have and he can set you up with pipes/ac and a Power commander fuel map included for your bike...The Power commander does not void your warranty....That being said...you need to get the cam shoes inspected asap...23k on a '04 it is time to have them looked at...search cam tensioners and get a better idea of what problem is with them.I have an '04 RK with 35k on it and have had zero mechanical problems in the last 6+yrs that I have owned her...The cam shoe thing is the only weak link on all twin cam engines up until the 96in motor came out.
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    You may already have the Stage 1 download on the bike. What was on it before you did your mods?

    If you do something like the TFI which is just a fueler that piggy backs the ECU, you can always remove it before taking it in for any warranty work. No trace once it is removed.

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    Only mod on the bike when I bought it was a high flow air cleaner and the mufflers are 07 road king mufflers? not sure why but that is what I have found. I like the idea of the tfi which can be unpluged
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    A tuner can only void parts affected by the tuner. I.E. If you had a tuner they would still have to cover the primary leak because they have nothing to do with each other.
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    I went with the Power Comander 5 from Fuel Moto. If there is ever an issue, I just unplug it and it was never there. I did change all the headpipe and mufflers, but kept all the stock stuff just in case.