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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Biffy08, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Biffy08

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    Hey all, I have heard that in years past, but as recent as the Evo's, that a warm up period was necessary to ensure proper lubrication took place throughout the engine parts. I am pretty sure this is true because my 97 Road King had the notorious base gasket "seep" of oil. #1, am I correct in this statement and #2, do the newer motors (all TC's) require this, and/or is it just good practice. My wife hates me when I leave my bike run at 3 in the morning to leave for work and I am sure my neighbors aren't real happy if they hear me. I also wonder with the winter coming is this wam up more important. Any advice/knowledge is appreciated.:57:
  2. HarryB737

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    I like to allow my bike to run a couple minutes before I leave, just to break the cold inside the engine, and allow the oil to throughly circulate, Then I'll ride at a controlled moderate RPM for about 10 miles or so to allow the oil to come up to temperature.
  3. lorne

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    an old EVO mechanic told me that the engine needs to be warmed up. to know when it is warm enough put the back on your finger on the top fins of the rear cylinder. when it get hot enough that you can't hold it there...it is now ready.
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    #1 Yes, it is true that a the Evo base gasket issue is related to warm up or lack of. Allow it to warm before jumping on and taking off will help your base gaskets.
    #2 The TC dont have the base gasket issue like the EVO's. Is it required to warm it up? Not sure about required, but a good idea on any internal combustion engine. IMO it is beneficial to allow the motor and oil to warm before jumping on and taking off.
    Hope that helps.
  5. Biffy08

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    Yup, thanks all. I do allow at least 2 minutes before taking off and some good miles when it is real cold until I do any higher rev stuff. My only concern is waking up my better half and my neighbors should there be the case that it needs to run for 5 minutes or longer, AT 3 AM!!!:bigsmiley30:
  6. gusotto

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    I use the warm-up time to put my riding leathers on.
    I like to feel some warmth on the cylinders. Just trying to treat the bike right as repairs are a bit pricy.
  7. Old Mike

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    I have always let my bikes idle until I feel a little warmth on the jugs then ride easy for a few miles.
  8. Iceman24

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    Agree w/Bodeen & my trick is to do "walk-around" & "ops-check" on bike while it's running. Usually only takes couple of minutes to check everything before take-off...guess it's the retired USAF in my blood...:s
  9. dbmg

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    I just start up for and pull off. Of course easy riding for the first couple miles. I do not like to leave running on jiffy stand for any length of time. Same procedure what ever the temp is.
  10. horizonchaser

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    Yes, and as an ex UPS driver I can tell you that we used to call it a "pre trip" inspection before hitting the road. It really is a good idea to give it a walk around before taking off. But, I hardly do that! :p