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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by hdrider103, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. hdrider103

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    ok all of you other folks from the frozen northern parts where salt covers everything in the winter. How long do you all usually wait in spring before you start ridding again for the summer? And I mean on a regular basis. I just bought my bike a few days ago and im really itching to ride but its been too cold to really ride.
  2. Bedrock

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    No need to wait - if u can hack the weather, your bike sure can as well. I say so long as the road conditions are safe, then no need to wait. Enjoy your new ride!
  3. Slo-Ryd

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    That's what keeps me from riding............sand on the roads. I can take the temps, especially now that they're in the mid 40's usually, but it's the sand that I have learned to avoid, especially when coming around corners at intersections. Early April is when they usually begin street sweeping to remove winter's leftover salt and sand deposits, so that's when I start to ride regularly. Be careful if you do decide to ride it, and congrats on the new bike.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    When I lived in MN, I would start riding to work in March, a word of caution, watch out for black ice in the early morning and late evening hours. Careful at intersections where the sand salt will be heavy, and wash your bike good, special attention to under the bike and brakes
  5. hdrider103

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    ok makes sence and I know just how that sand is lol. I've been out twice but its just so crazy cold. cold enough almost be stuck to the bars when ya get home. and the other thing that has now got me waiting is a frozen hose...not to mention the 12" of snow we are supposed to get in the next day or so.
  6. cheap80z28

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    a friend and i always try to 1 up each other on the early start but always wait for atleast 1 good downpour to clear the salt of the roadways
  7. fin_676

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    It is starting to warm up a wee bit here during the day but at night the temp drops below freezing so the roads department spread salt/sand mix on the road
    On sat washed wifes car on sunday we went into the city to have lunch with daughter only 50 miles car had turned from blue to a light grey rear number plate was almost unreadable rear lights almost blocked completely
    There is a lot of salt on the roads
    The salt/sand mix on the road can soak up any moisture available and become a slime that is as slippery as ice

    Bike will stay in the shed till the roads are better but it could be any time soon

  8. biscuit

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    It aint just that white stuff!

    I haven't ridden any of my bikes since Jan 04th due to the huge ammounts of rain we've had here.

    We've had floods and W-A-A-Y over average rainfall ,and now by the 02nd March we've had our total average rainfall for the WHOLE of March.I no longer have to ride in the rain and dont do so..I hate cleaning rain sodden bikes and just don't ride in the rain anymore.No fun factor---

    With our wet Monsoonal Summers it means i keep off the roads just like you guys keep off the roads in your Winter.

    I'm REALLY tongueing for a ride.
  9. Rubyred

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    Rode yesterday, needed the therapy it provides!:s
  10. oldhippie

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    Usually wait for a decent rain to wash away the salt. They've been spreading a liquid ice melter on the roads at times and that stuff doesn't wash off as easily.

    But, if it turns out to be a dry spring, I get too impatient to wait.:p