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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09StdGlide, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. 09StdGlide

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    Had a little too much time on my hands yesterday and somehow ended up on Victory's web site and started looking at their new Cross Country. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Glide, but that Cross Coutry looks pretty good. Some nice features and seems to be a little more modern in design and execution.

    I know there's no comparison between Victory and HD in terms of dealer network and aftermarket support but I think HD could cherry-pick some of the good ideas for the next generation Glide...whenever that comes.

    What do you guys think? Anyone have any seat time for comparison to the Glide or first-hand Victory experience?
  2. Mavagrand

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    I don't have any seat time in one, but checked them out a few months ago and agree..they are nice looking bikes. I don't feel they're a "wanna be" as some say, there are only so many ways to attach a fairing, saddle bags etc..on a bike. Would like to ride one as I hear that engine is sweet. One thing I did not like was that machate looking engine guard...good grief, that would have to go.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the ultra modern look. I just love the classic lines of a Harley touring bike!

    I also have zero seat time on a Victory so I can only repeat what I've heard. Shiny silver stuff on a Harley is chrome - on a Victory it's silver plastic. No comparison when it comes to dealer network, comraderie, and after market options.
  4. BikeSAG

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    +1 on preferring the old school look. Vitory MC's are too futuristic, like out of the Jetson's. Oops, guess I'm dating my self.
  5. Mattman4403

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    I had a chance to ride one around a parking log at a bike night down south someplace. Took off well and handled ok around the parking lot Those big tiller handlebars are kind of odd. Don't care for all the swoopy lines. Just a little too much Arlen Ness influence.
  6. geezer

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    Got to ride one last fall for 40 miles. My buddy rode my Heritage and I rode the Victory. It was the space age looking one, can't remember the name of it. More top heavy than mine and I wasn't used to a fixed fairing so I couldn't see where the front tire was when turning but a guy would get used to that. Rode like a dream on the highway, the 106 ci engine beat my 96 ci with a stage 1 easily but wasn't as nimble in town. Had some nice features, windshield went up and down about 8" with a switch on the handlebar, nice sound system and roll bars that protected all the fairings and bags. It was a nice bike but I wouldn't have traded because I'm not ready for a bagger. Never rode a Glide but I think the Victory would be a good touring bike. JMO
  7. RobDog

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    I test drove one last month, but bought a new Ultra Classic instead. The Victory Cross Country is an excellent bike with a great engine. Very responsive and great sound system. A little modern looking, but when you stack it up against other cruisers in that class - it far exceeds the standard with regard to the handling, engine size, horsepower, and features.

    To make it comparable to the Ultra Classic with added accessories it would have taken about 4 grand - almost the same price as the Ultra Classic. I wanted a touring bike with all the bells and whistles. But, the Cross Country was very tempting.

    What I didn't like was there was no passenger area for long cruising and the short windshield - which really allows the wind to smack you at highway speeds. Cool bike, but I went with the Harley.
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  8. Mainah

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    My daddy told me "if you can't say something nice, dont say anything at all".

    The Cross Country looks 100% better than the Victory vision!:newsmile011:

    But, there's now way I would trade my Harley for one!:bigsmiley24:
  9. barttoday

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    I think the Victory bikes have their own niche. Just like the Goldwings. Not necessarily for me, but they are nice bikes. I rode one a while back w/ the 106 and compared to a bone stock 96 it's got lots of power, but, to me, lacks that old school feel you get that tells you that you are on a Harley.
  10. rkrdr2

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    1 did a side by side test with the Victory CC against the 2010 Road Glide...both bikes were stock...the Victory beat the RG in almost every stat...performance,handeling,ride,braking,price,warranty...but lost the most important one...STYLING!