Vibration Problems with Sportster

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by redhead7, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. redhead7

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    HELP!!! I recently aquired a 2003, "almost new," 1200 Custom Sportster. I've only had one ride, and the vibration coming from the handle bars really concerned me. After a bunch of research, I understand why the vibration is so strong, but I'm not clear on what I can do to remedy the situation. Are there really any grips that alleviate the extreme vibration experienced at 60-65 mph???? The seat and foot pegs are fine.
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    I put Kuryakyn Iso Grips on my '07 Sporty and it helped a lot. You can also add weight in the handlebars via rolls of coins or "bar snakes" and this settles down some of the vibration.
  3. redhead7

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    Just testing - is this a reply to my first post?

    Thanks, but your '07 is a rubber mounted motor. Evidently, prior to '04, the older Sportsters all experienced this problem. But I can't help but think that since then, someone, somewhere, must have come up with a feasible solution.... Shoot, my old '93 was more comfortable!
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    I changed the riser bushings on mine to a poly. Helped out a bunch.
    Seems like your front end is jumping if pegs and seat are fine. Do you need to add/change fork oil???
  5. lorne

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    on my 98 softail found the front axle nut was not torqued properly. retorqued and all was much better. just a thought

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    Redhead7, welcome to the HDTimeline forum. While I also have a rubber mounted 2004 Sportster, I have ridden and helped others who had vibration problems on their earlier models. First, make sure that the motor mounting fasteners are tight and torqued to specification (even on my rubber mounted model, I had some vibration and found the bracket fasteners had vibrated loose. Cleaned the holes and fasteners and put new blue locktite on them and torqued to spec and "voila" vibes disappeared. Also exhaust system mounting, clearance from frame members and such should be checked. The handlebar mounts and polyurethane insulators should be checked for cuts or cracks. Finally they do make a polyurethane "bar snake" that goes inside the handlebar which absorbs the vibes further. No worries, just be methodical and you will find ways to minimize the vibes. :s
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    Sometimes, it's just the luck of the draw when being built.
    My '02 1200XL Sporty has the buckhorn bars. It's been smooth since day one.

    I swapped bikes for one ride with another '02 1200 Sporty but he had the Custom and the bars (drag bars) were different, along with the risers.
    During the entire ride, I couldn't see a thing with his mirrors, yet with my Sporty, I've always been able to use the mirrors.

    Every bike is different. Some smooth, some not.
  8. fin_676

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    new raiser bushes and iso grips do assist in reducing the vibration but you will never get rid of it
    i Have done both to my 93 sportster and 92 softail both solid mounted engines but also the engine speed can affect things so try going a wee bit faster or slower and you may find things smooth out a bit


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    This is WHY? you find Low Mileage sportsters out there PRE Rubber mounted engines..
    The vibration on my 95 sporty was similar to yours.. Like brian (fin) and newhd74fan said about the CHANGES and Just a little change in the speed would Help the mirrors..

    Softer grips for Vibration and control Hand Grip used to hold handle-bars is needed...

    I often griped Too Tightly and Numbness in the fingers was the result...

    Now I have a RUBBER mounted 06 1200R and Much better...