Vance & Hines Fuelpak update

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by gator508, Jun 7, 2016.

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    I finally got my correct fuelpak in yesterday afternoon (the vendor sent the wrong one initially) and my Screaming Eagle Hi Intake. Put them on this morning and went for a ride down to the island and back. As Jimminy Cricket would say "zippity do-da! What a difference! My assessment is:

    Low rpm acceleration big improvement, medium rpm stronger than stock, hi rpm still wants to go.
    Decel popping gone, nada
    Bike runs noticeably cooler, anyone riding a softail knows how hot the oil tank gets, no fried thighs. I don't have a temp gauge but my guess would be 20-30 degrees.
    Relatively low cost good bang for buck. Intake kit $133, fuelpak $249.
    Couldn't have been easier to install the map, very straight forward.

    The one drawback, trying to figure out how to orient the thing to fit under the seat, V&H did send a diagram but not much help. Took me ~ hour to work it out. Velcro works wonders!
    I like it!!
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    Good deal, you sound like a happy camper. :) Velcro is man's best friend.
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    Good deal Russ, I went to Harbour Freight and bought a big roll of velcro, I carry it in my trunk just in case, It works good for tie downs for luggage also
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