Vance & Hines Competition Series

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    I saw a thread on the Vance & Hines competition series that was closed, so thought I'd post this if there are still any curious about this system. I recently triked my Deuce, and had V&H Big Radius 2-2s on it. I like loud pipes, but with the pipes echoing off the right rear tire after the trike conversion these were a little too much even for me. I decided to try a 2-1 system, but because of interference with the Frankenstein swing-arm choices are severely limited. I actually ordered the V&H Big Radius 2-1 from Dennis Kirk as they looked like they might make it, but the Frankenstein swing-arm interfered with the muffler mount. They have a very liberal return policy, and I sent them back and ordered the Competition Series 2-1 stainless system. It was a struggle mounting them as the rear pipe was not parallel to the front pipe and had I difficulty inserting them into the muffler, but finally made it and everything fit. When I first started it up I could not believe how quiet they were - actually a bit too quiet for me. I took it out for a spin and there was a noticeable improvement in low-mid range torque - which I had heard would happen with a well designed 2-1 exhaust. There was a good rumble when I twisted the throttle, but just a bit too quiet at other times for my taste. When I got home I removed the muffler core (comes out like other V&H baffles) and noted it was wrapped with an insulating rope-like material. I carefully unwrapped and removed the insulation and reinstalled the core. When I started it up again I knew this was the right system for me. Very deep rumble and just enough bark, yet still a lot quieter than the 2-2s that I had on. A very different sound from the 2-2 - much less harsh and deeper. I had also heard that they were very loud, and didn't like the sound of them on the V-Rod at all, but very quiet on a TC88. I can't believe they would be too loud for anyone as shipped, plus there are other options to 'tune' the sound level - such as removing part of the insulation rather than all of it, or replacing the insulation with a steel mesh (like the old steel-pak mufflers).

    Things to consider:
    This is a very short system compared to most
    System is stainless steel and very light - about 7 lbs
    There are no heat shields available from V&H for these
    The stainless will turn a golden yellow and stay that way - some like this, some don't. I do.
    They are equipped for O2 sensors and shipped with O2 sensor plugs installed

    I love this system.

    Here's a short sound byte to give you an idea of how they sound on a twin cam with the insulation removed:

    YouTube - Vance & Hines Competition Series 2 into 1 on triked Harley Deuce