vance and hines true duals

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Indyshred, May 31, 2008.

  1. Indyshred

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    I have an 03 standard with the stage 1 high flow air cleaner and I run vance and hines true duals with vance and hines oval classics. I also have the vance and hines fuel pak, problem is I cant get it tuned correctly. The bike hesitates when throttle is reapplied after shifting. Noticed rpm's are @ 2300-2800 when it hesitates. Does not happen when riding hard and rpm's are up. Does anyone have any suggestions on setting the fuel pak modes? V & H tech support tries to help, but I always get conflicting settings from the techs.
  2. Animal

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    You may have to go to a shop with a dynamometer and have them set up your stage one. I have a high flow K&N air filter, Vance and Hines Ovals and a Dynajet Power Commander. Had it set up on the dyno and my 05 Ultra runs like a dream.
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    I have Vance and Hines true dual headpipes and Samson 29" Silver Bullet Slashers. How did I end up with two different brands? I bought the Samson mufflers when I had the stock set up. Wasn't satisfied. Also put on a Screamin' Eagle air filter. I use the Cobra FI2000R for fuel maintenance. The Cobra is plug and play...and it can be adjusted. No downloads needed. My bike runs and sounds great.