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    I have a 89 fxr & I want to take the valve covers off for chroming with out taking the motor out of the frame

    is this possible ??

    I have been told it is by undoing the front motor mound & tilting the front of the motor down to get to the rear vc bolts. after looking at the bike I think this mite be harder thin it sounds

    somebody else told me if I drilled a hole in the frame where the rear bolt is on the rear vc is to get a alien wrench to the rear bolt that it would work ??

    any body ever done this ????????

    thx noel
  2. Breeze3at

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    Yes, remove the front mount and let the engine drop. Cut or grind an allen wrench to be as short as possible at the bend. It still takes some finesse, and wiggling. The engine can be tilted sideways a little, if the top heim joint is dropped. I remember reading about drilling a hole in the backbone, but that seems harder than necessary. It's been 20 years since I removed FXR rocker boxes, so I may have forgot something. I always used a short Hex head bolt when reassembling.
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