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    I installed a Pingel Vacuum Fuel Valve on my 01 FXST. Also when I was redoing my bike I took out the Stock fuel Gauge, put in an adapter and now have matching brass gas caps. I was running at about 70 MPH when the bike stopped running. After sitting on the side of the road for a while, tried it again, started up, ran for about 2 miles, it did it again! When I got it back to the house, I found a kink in the Vacuum line from the fuel valve to the Carb. Replaced the line. Bike would idle for a while then shut down, Move the valve to RES. & it would idle. Went to gas station & put almost 4 gallons of gas in! Then I noticed the gas pouring out of the conduit tube in the bottom of the tank where the wires for the fuel gauge used to come out. In my haste, I did not put the gasket from the float assembly on to the adapter, so it was allowing gas up into the cavity where the gauge use to be and flowing out the tube! So:

    Question 1: Do these Pingel fuel valves have a bigger RES. setting?

    Question 2: With what basically worked like a big whole in the gas tank without that gasket in place, could that have caused the valve to shut off?

    Question 3: Anybody else ever not read the direction & do something stupid like not put in a gasket?!
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    1. Anytime you change the petcock to something other than stock, the reserve will usually change a bit due to the tube that is a different height than the stock one.
    The way they work is you have two tubes of different heights on the inside of the petcock fitting. The taller one being the main feed and the shorter one that is the reserve fuel. When you run out of gas on the main setting, you switch to the reserve setting and that is the lower tube that will all but drain the rest of the gas from the tank, usually anywhere from 1/2 to 1 gallon is the reserve fuel.

    2. The valve gets it's vacuum from the intake system of the engine, all the gasket did was give you a leak.

    3. Never!:55:...:D