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    Hi, just a couple of quick questions.
    I am thinking of fitting Fishtails on my 09 RKC and noticed that the V+H slipon Fishtails fit 95-08, however the Samson ones say they fit 95-09. I quite like the look of the V+H ones would just like confirmation weather or not they will fit before I starting to do the eBay thing.
    When I fitted V+H Big Radius pipes to my Fatboy I junked the whole exhaust valve assembly, what is the way to go with the 09 pipe and exhaust valve set up, was thinking about removing it and making some form of blanking plug or is it best to just leave it in. Would like to do true duals but money is a bit tight at the moment.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Buddha, i have a new set of samsons still in the box that are too much noise for me. Sell them to ya at a big discount Ran them 65 miles.

    Please use PM or e-mail on forum.
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    How much for your set still in the box?
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    Hey Chris,

    I too had V&H pipes, the turn down pipes on my 98 RK, love the sound and fit and quality, I spoke with a guy at V&H and he said some time in January they plan on having them for the 09's, so I would assume that would be the same for the fish tails. The nice thing about the V&H over the Samson's is you can change out the baffles if you need or want. I believe if you use the 08 pipes it will hit the swing arm (diameter of the pipe)