V&H Big Shot Install

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by renop17, May 6, 2010.

  1. renop17

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    I am looking to install V&H Big Shots on my 10' Deluxe tonight. Has anyone done this and has advice to give on the install? I have searched for a similar thread but did not locate one, so i apologize in advance for any repeats. Thank you
  2. 98fat

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    I have had mine off and on several times. Hmmm use new gaskets and (new) bolt kit, the kind with the stuff in the nuts that makes em stay put. Other than that just a tight fit. I did replace the hose clamps on the chrome when I did it the last time. DON'T over tighten, use a torc wrench.
  3. pawpaw01

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    Remember to completely clean & wax all areas of the pipes & heat shields before starting your bike; fingerprints, smudges and such will "burn in" on the new pipes. It really isn't very hard to install your new exhaust, just take your time. You will really be happy with the new exhaust tones...
    Remember, Ride Safe...