upgradin 1995 switches to a 2011 streetglide switches

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by outsiderluis, Jun 25, 2014.

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    hello just bought complete controls and switches from a 2011 street glide for 50 buck yea very good deal. ok have spliced all wires and only issue is right side radio mode and channel up and down button. only the up is working. i have the manual for the 1995 so i know where each wire goes for the 1995. both my bike and the 2011 have 4 wires on the 1995 theres a grey/wht line its for the down theres a brn/wht line thats for the up and purple/blk line is for mode and a red/blk line not sure maybe power or rear control. now the 2011 has a grey/wht line a brn/wht line purple/blk line and a pink/wht line what i need if anyone can help or has a wire diagram for the 2011 street glide with radio and cruse control and see what them colors go to radio cannel up/down and the mode button thank for any help i can probably do trial and error if all fails but rather take the time and conect them correct the first time and not damage anything by the way as you can see wire color are close and i tried it but again only the up worked so even though colors are same or close it does not work and all controls working i removed them from each bike in working order