Upgrade old or buy newer?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by surveyor, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. surveyor

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    Have an 06 Ultra Classic (39,000 miles) in great shape, bone stock. Used mainly for two-up riding new england country highways, not much on interstate. Looking for a performance boost one thought is stage 1 or 2 upgrade or buy into newer model with 103 twin cam. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  2. dbmg

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    Barely broken in at 39,000. Stage one will get you about 10 H.P. more. If you are comfortable riding a stock bike you will have to get used to some noise with the stage 1. You would be further along keeping current steed and dropping some money to upgrade for the difference between your 06 and a 103 is minimal in my opinion. Of course you will need to find a reputable engine builder in your area. Question though, are you riding up on the cam in stock configuration?????
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  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Maybe open it up so it can breath better with a stage 1 air cleaner and a more free flowing exhaust so it's
    less restrictive.

    Follow up with a fuel management system like a dobeck gen 3. and that alone will make her run better and cooler.
    Members here on the forum get a members discount with Dobeck.
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  4. surveyor

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    I have a local "indy" that can do the upgrade (big bore 95", 203 cams, se cam plate w/ hydraulic tensioners plus fuel controller). Will this get me close to a 103 twin cam performance? What I'm looking for is a small boost in performance, ie: a little more torque (not having to down shift) climbing small hills so common around here. The "Indy shop" said many customers sold their bikes (after upgrades) and bought "103's". Not sure I understand your question about "riding up on the cam in stock configuration". The bike and cams are stock. If at all possible I would like to stay on the quiet side with slip-ons, any suggestions that you feel are good? Thanks for your time and experience.
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  5. TQuentin1

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    I had a '03 UC that I had upgraded to Stage 1 (SE breather and SE slipons). I added a fueler (Dobeck FI-1040ST) to richen the AFR. I added a SE 6-spd and upgraded the cam tensioner system to the roller-chain configuration. I picked cams that provided more lower end torque (Andrews 21N grind). See the upgrade kit below. I lowered the bike front and rear for stability and ride feel. Finally, I added a REACH seat for the same.

    Other things here and there, but the point is I had the bike the way I wanted it. I would have kept that bike until it wouldn't run anymore or I couldn't ride it anymore.



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  6. Bodeen

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    IMO, Keep it, ride it. Improve it when its time. Beats a payment book.
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  7. dbmg

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    What I mean is are you short shifting or winding bike out to almost red line to get the most out of the O.E. cams. As to noise any slip on mufflers and air cleaner are going to increase noise while increasing performance. I had Rush 1.75 inch baffles on my stock 2008 EG with O.E. air filter and after a couple of years I removed mufflers and reinstalled stock and could not be happier. Try winding the rev out farther before shifting for if you are having a compliant of trying to alleviate down shifting it seems that you may not be riding as aggressive as you possible can which is why the downshifting concern. As to Indy saying that most of the 103 upgrades done are traded in on factory 103, that would be a cause of concern for me with that Indy.
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  8. tourbox

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    I had a '99 RG with the 95" conversion and 203 cams and was very pleased with it's performance.
    I live in flat land country, but while in the Texas Hill country it did the hills & twisties very well.
    I think you would like the upgrade. If possible find a friend that has that set up and ask to ride his machine.
  9. Slo-Ryd

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    I did a free flowing K&N intake,Gen 3 Dobeck fuel tuner, slip ons and upgraded my cam plate to the Screamin' Eagle hydraulic kit and added Andrews 21 cams while I was in the cam chest on my 2003 88ci. Very happy with the added torque and easily pulls up hills loaded two up. 25K plus on this setup and I still love my bike and have no plans on trading up to something newer.
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  10. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Knocked out my baffles a bit ago, No decel pop YET
    M8 must be a better engine with Better sensors JMO