Updating the drivetrain in my 2001 Road King.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Delmar, Mar 27, 2010.

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    OK guys please humor me on this one. I have owned my Copking for about a couple years and absolutely am in love with it. It has 40K+ miles on it but it still runs like new, at least for now, but every year it get older and more miles.

    I would like to update the King make it more reliable for extended long distance touring. The primary issue with the bike is the excessive engine speed on the highway: 3500 RPM @ 75 MPH. This is due to only having a 5-speed plus the higher gearing of the MM injection.

    So here is my evil plan…I would like to purchase a low-mileage 6-speed bagger that has been unfixably wrecked, and swap in the complete engine, transmission and injection. Then I plan to eBay off all the unused parts to amortize some of the cost of the wreck purchase.

    My motivating factor is I am cheap. I purchased the King for only $6350 so blundering into a stealer and laying down three times the cost, plus taking out a loan, is simply not an option. Or even buying a good used bagger for more than double the cost. Did I mention I was cheap?

    The question to the board: Are there any years that have a 6-speed and will be compatible with my 2001 frame? I understand the 6-speed started in 2007, and the frame was changed in 2009, so only 2007-2008 baggers would be interchangeable.

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    I think that you would be in for a nightmare, unless you are an elecltronics wiz, a welder pro, and have various other talents. I recommend that you do a 1550 kit, cams and tensioners and buy a Baker 6 speed and drop that in. I do not think that you would have 4 grand in that job especially if you did your own labor.
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    I'm with Kemo on this. Your engine should have alot of miles left in it the way it is. Just do the six speed conversion and maybe some upgrade to the engine and it most likely would be cheaper than the salvage bike idea. Definitely easier!:s
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    A couple.

    The tranny is hung on the engine, not the frame except for the pivot shaft and related jewelry for the swingarm.

    A good alternative to consider is a Builder's Kit 6-spd gear set from the manufacturer of your choice. This will cost you anywhere from $1k-3k depending what you get. With this option, you merely pull the current 5-spd guts out of the tranny case and sub in the 6-spd guts.

    I replaced the 5-spd tranny on my '03 UC with a SE 6-spd complete tranny. That was around $3k. You can read about my problems elsewhere here on the forum. So I am probably gonna have to replace the gear set in my original 5-spd case with a 6-spd set. This time I am going with the Baker DD6 Builder's Kit.

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    Thanks guys for the input.

    Welding is definitely out, I would only consider a drivetrain that would bolt-in to my frame. I am an electrical engineer so good enough at reading schematics and wiring.

    I am old & slow so the existing 1450 suits my riding style perfectly. I have no desire for a power increase, I was even happy with my previous 883 Sport.

    I have been looking at 6-speed conversion kits but feel installing is beyond my skills and tools. I figured bolting in a complete engine + transmission would be easier than performing precision gearbox modifications. Looks like I was wrong.

    OK…What about first replacing my 3.37 (24T/37T) gearing with a 3.15 (25T/36T) setup. They are likely getting worn by now anyway and it should be a bolt-in. I may even purchase the chain set and improved comp sprocket as (gasp!) new. Is there anything special I need to lookout for?
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    I changed my 2000 88 to a 95" and on your bike I would do this...

    95" new jugs and 10/1 compression with the newer style "KIT" to change out to the newer HYDRAULIC chain tensioners and BIGGER oil pump (all in the kit) 429.99

    I would go with HIGH TORQUE cams and a fresh valve grind (whatever needs there)...

    I would use 6 speed gear set installed into your 5 spd. box.. I used REV-TECH 6 speed set and had very good results... put over 60,000 trouble free miles on the tranny conversion and 117,000 on the traded off FXDS 2000..

    using above suggested WOULD MAKE YOU PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS and SAVE YOU $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. I know you like to save $$$$$$$$$$$$

    I doubt if you would save any money going your OTHER way and I have had very good success with my conversion...MINE cost me a lot of extra $$$$$ because the "KIT" wasn't available back in 2001 when I did my conversion.. I would of SAVED $$$$$$$$ using the kit of today....

    I put in a high volume fueling oil pump(needed) and a delkron support plate costing me 750$ just by themselves... THE KIT IS CHEAP for all the parts needed to convert your bike over to the NEWER STYLE OF TODAY.......

    i feel the 95" with higher compression and the "KIT" enough buy them selves AND with JUST USING the stock cams would BE ENOUGH for the 6 speed and HANG ON when you crack the throttle....

    Let us know what you do with this...

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    Well Delmar we are on the same page. I have the 2000 roadking police. I have done the 95 upgrade (extra power is really nice) and soon will be going to the 103. I had Baker DD6 put in at Sturgis last year for price of buying kit. And you get a trip to sturgis out of it? I replaced my drive belt this year just to make sure all was good and service swing arm bushings and checked all over. I also painted mine myself. I bought all the service tools from Georges Garage so that I can continue to repair/service myself. Oh and I added Cruise control which was really nice to have. Runs as good as any of my friends "new" bikes and I get better gas mileage (still have carb) then one of them. HAHAHAHA That drives him nuts. :D