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  1. Joyflyin

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    Just a quick update on the hubbies ankle, Still Doing Great! :)

    He still has a lot of healing to do, however, it is to the point where he suggested that maybe we pick up an 883 that he found that seems to be a good deal, but the caveat is that I will have to ride it when we ride together, and he will ride the Road King.

    Well, sure! I'm in. :D

    Two things, I'm really glad he is interested in another HD, and I've heard that sporty's can be fun. ;) So I'm game.

    For those that don't know, he had a bad ankle injury and couldn't handle moving the bike around with the bad foot, so he sold his Electra Glide Classic going on 3 summers ago. He has been after me to sell my RK, but I have been holding out. So, if this will get him back on the bike and get me my riding partner back, why yes indeedy, I will certainly ride the sporty. :)
    I will keep you posted.
  2. SledDog

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    Glad it's all working out!
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  3. joel

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    That is great news and that he wants to ride again is a bonus. I've heard that sometimes it is ok to have 2 Road Kings in the same garage.
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  4. HDDon

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    Great news Joy. Nothing wrong with a Sporty but once you've been on a RK it might be a tough transition. Bubbie might have some insight for you. Keep us posted.
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    Good news.
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  6. Joyflyin

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    ;) That is my ultimate plan...either get him his own Road King later on down the road, time will tell.

    LOL, he had me ride the little sporty, but I was really tired....13 hour day at work. :( But it did seem like it would be a fun little bike. Steve isn't much on the really long rides, so most of our rides would be short and local, and then I would still have the RK for some longer rides with the neighbor when the hubby has something else going on. ;) Best of both worlds the way I see it.

    He will probably go pick it up later today. :D
  7. rusntx

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    Good deal,getting better, a good thing. Of course my vote is for a RK, well... ok I admit, I'm biased! ;)
  8. Joyflyin

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    I too would love to have another road king, as a matter of fact, I have a line on an 03, that has never been titled or ridden. It still only has one mile on it. :O My uncle bought it for his museum, but due to his age and no interest from the family to keep it up, nearly everything is for sale. 2 problems with it for me though, I would buy it to ride it. :) And since it hasn't been ridden to this point, That would kind of kill the novelty of that bike. The other issue, is that in it's current state, SOMEDAY...that will mean something, however, it is not there yet. Not to mention that he wants the sticker price for it. But the right person will come along and snatch it up for their museum. ;)

    But to me the ultimate prize is the hubby's interest is coming back. :D We have so many toys, we don't get to ride much anyway. 2 Kayaks, 1 canoe, 2 hot air balloons, 2 bicycles, 2 dual sports, and he bought me some fishing poles for my birthday! :D

    This bionic ankle is working out great. :) I'm so thankful we found the right doctor that gave us the right advice almost 5 years ago. Waiting was the right thing to do, when we first asked about it, the doc said that he was not impressed enough with any option out there to recommend a replacement at that time, however, he was studying one that was nearing approval and if he were to do any ankle joint replacements, that would be the one. So we waited, and I feel we won.
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  9. gator508

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    Glad to hear he's doing well, up and riding again is a +1
  10. geezer

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    Glad to hear he's doing better and is thinking of riding again. You'll enjoy having your riding partner back again. Why not get a Heritage? They're easier to ride than a sporty! ;)