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    well here it is,took bike bike in to get the siezed/stripped derby cover bolt fixed.dealer did fix it for free but when i got back to pick up bike,was told that they have some issues with the repair as they claim that they torque all bolts to spec and that their is no way they could have caused the problem. trying to be resonable and give them the benefit of the doubt i said ok. then they started to come at me and say that i screwed up the bolt and so forth,now i was getting to the point of boilover.all i wanted was to get it fixed and not have a (edit) contest with them about it.being gracious and not wanting to cause a big scene i quietly said thank you and walked out maybe never to return.i like to do business in the home area,but i may decide to take my business to the next dealer which is about 30 miles away.apparently they never heard of the axiom that edit just happens such as a bad bolt.long and short is the fact that i bought a freaking 20k bike from them,it was still under warranty and needed to be fixed without the hassle.
    sidenote to the situation is this-a friend of my was going to buy a 09 ugc from them and had a deal agreed to in principle,went out and got financed,then went to pick up bike and sign papers,only to find out that they were now going to cut his trade-in by 2k.
    well that all for this post,i think i might have said enough,and ill give the rest of you a chance to chime in.

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    Find another dealer. Any of us that have owned our own business know not to treat our customers like that.

    The fact that they fixed it is cool, but to start jawboning at you when you came to pick the bike up is totally unsat and way out of line.

    We can choose where we want to spend dollars...I would not spend 1 more cent at that place.

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    I have owned my business for 10 years and I always...always...always maintain the customer is always right. They pay my for my home my cars and most important my bike. In this economy you cannot afford to argue with your customers and I dont always need to be right they just need to be happy so I can see them again. Dont get me wrong there are those that leave me chuckling to myself when they leave but if they are happy and so am I. Go to a new dealership...they will gladly take your business.:D