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    I saw a recent post on insurance carriers we used and how much our policies cost us. I would like to know how many of you have the "uninsured motorist" attachment on your policy. My insurance is $503 full coverage and $1078 w/ the uninsured motorist attached. Big difference. If I'm riding w/ a female, and we get into a bad accident with an uninsured motorist,, if she gets hurt real bad,, she can come back to me for payment, which means I can get sued, lose my house.....By the way I'm in Louisiana. I'm sure every state can be different.
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    I've got uninsured motorist coverage on my bike, and wouldn't do without it. With about 25% of drivers out there uninsured, it's way too risky not to have it. Also, you may want to get underinsured motorist coverage if it's available. If you get seriously hurt, it's probable the other person's liability limits won't be enough to cover your loss. That's when the underinsured coverage can kick in to help out.

    Don't know much about Louisiana, other than the laws there are a lot different than just about every other state, but the price difference you mention seems awfully high.
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    As I mentioned in that post you refer to, I have $500K CSL U/U Motorist coverage. In addition, I have a $1mm umbrella policy.

  4. wildspirit97

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    Here in Washington State, it's not called Uninsured Motorist, it's called Under Insured Motorist. If you get into a "bad" accident chances are even if they have insurance, they only have the minimum to make them legal, and that's never enough to cover all the bills.
    It's a must have on a motor cycle if you ask me, but I always "tweak" my policy a little and bump up my personal and and under insured motorist coverage and bump down my liability and extra coverage on the bike.
  5. Vibratinharley

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    I have both uninsured and underinsured. It pays to be protected. I never knew how important it was until that accident. She had limited policy and it helped pay some expenses.
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    I noticed before when reading post on what insurance people were claiming they paid and wondered how it was so cheap? Personally I would never think about not having full coverage... wife and I each ride our own bikes and if some idiot would hit us both and also seriously injured us it could get real expensive. I also carry a 3 million umbrella policy for all of our assets and it's the best money you can spend. Skip 1 meal out a month and carry full coverage... that's my opinion! Ride safe
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    Here in the Garden State, insurance is crazy. We have coverage for just about everything, and it's mandatory. Like others on this post, I have an umbrella policy for a million, and also have added coverage on my autos and my motorcycle. The uninsured coverage here is mandatory, but even so, it's worth it.
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    I always thought this uninsured/underinsured fantasy created by insurance companies was a good one.
    To me its very simple, get minimum 100k/300k on a bike {prefferably higher}.Apply full coverage and collision and you're set.Yes an uninsured motorist may hit yo but you have "full" coverage.Sure you may end up with a deductable but you are covered.These add on coverages are just your friendly agent supersizing your happy meal.
  9. TXMikey

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    You, sir, appear to be a wise man. Carrying low liability limits is only gambling that you won't be in an accident that is considered your fault, and risk losing your assets. The other person doesn't have to settle for your policy limits, they can file suit and go after more.
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    I've read all the posts under this thread and find it amazing that nobody seem to worry about the fact that decent people will have to fork out hundreds of dollars to protect themself against the finacial damage caused by the idiots who feel no responsibility for their own actions and the effect that it has on others.
    Police should spot check for insurance and if found not or inadequately insured or
    mechanically unsafe just push the vehicle in the mobile crusher they have brought with them.
    I'n my view it's simple. Like with drink driving: you were sober when you started. You know your not insured when you turn the ignition key!
    I would now like to pass the soap box onto someone else