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Discussion in 'Oil' started by zoood, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I have recently added a 113 Ultima engine in my trike. I'm presently looking at installing the Ultra Cool oil cooler. At the web site. They mentioned that their oil coolers are for 1994 on up. The frame that the ultra engine is now mounted in is a 1993 EGC. I had talked with the owner of that cooler design and one main reason stated by him about fitment starting at 1994. Is there isnt a cross member ( bracket across the two front down tubes of the frame that his product would mount to.) I plan on making my own cross member in that place of the frame. In his instructions. There wasnt any place that I read where the thermostatically controlled (oil sending temp unit) is mounted. Nor were there any pictures. He tried to explain where it is. But I didnt have the trike on the lift to locate it. Other than the drainage bolt on the oil pan. He mentioned theres a place to screw that sending unit in. Though my 5 speed tranny is a 1993. It's the first year that the oil pan was mounted under the tranny. And has been this way to present day models. Any one have a picture as to where this plug or threaded hole may be on the oil pan? Please respond with a picture or direct location of where to mount this sending unit. Im set on getting this oil cooler.

    Thank you, RJ