Ultima Single-Fire Ignition Model #'s

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    Hi Everyone, I have a '96 Heritage Softail, w/Dyna S ignition(dual-fire) & stock Coil. Am getting ready to buy an Ultima Single-Fire Ignition Package from Jireh Cycles. Anyone have feedback on them? Also, the Model# i seem to see on the Internet is..53-660. Would like to get the Latest model if possible!(less bugs)
    I also read that these Coils are not very good. Any Feedback would be Appreciated! Thank you much!

    P.S..It would be the model enclosed in the Cone!
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    My opinion. If there is nothing wrong with your current ignition, save your money. I have had single fire, dual fire, Crane and Dyna ignitions on my slightly modified Evo. I could never tell a whit of difference between any of them in seat of the pants performance, sound or mpg. I can't speak for highly modified engines, or dyno comparisons, just everyday riding. Same goes for plug wires and spark plugs. As for your last ? Ultima products are not top of the line quality.
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    I agree. The only difference I've ever seen in the single-fire over a dual-fire is the single might run a little smoother. No increase in horse, torque or mpg.
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    Hi, Yea, I would not be changing out the Ignition for any horsepower gain, because I know there will be none. I used to have an '82 Sturges (FX Shovel) yrs ago. It was running points, and I put 1 of those primitive stinger single-fire cap & rotor systems on it. I swear I could see out of my mirrors @ 60 mph. Where I could'nt b4. There are 2 Questions still in my mind.....

    1.) I have tried & tried to Time this Bike with a Timing light & clear plug, and never had any luck! I Set timing by waiting until it pings..then backing off a couple Degrees. ( With New electronic systems, don't you put motor on TDC, & let the module do the rest?)
    2.) A Stock Coil puts out 30,000 volts? Firing 2 plugs...would'nt each plug get 15,000 volts? With Single-fire...Each plug would get full Coil Voltage?
    One last comment...my back cylinder kinda flub..flub..flubs when cold. Like it's firing when exhaust valve is still open. It's fine when hot! I am running an Andrews EV-27 cam.... Overlap Issues? Thanks!