Ultima 113 Ignition System

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    Ive a 2009 Ultima 113. Yesterday. It stopped running as I was riding down the road. All my lights work, neutral lamp and so forth. Just the engine stopped. I did the resistance checks on my coil and they are in spec. I have no spark at all. I have the Ultima Fixed Curve Single Fire Ignition System ( by Dynatek) Its advanced curves and Rev limiter are pre-set at the factory and do not require any adjustment. On the ignition system. Theres two LEDs. One is green and labeled for the voes and the other is red and labeled as status. With my ignition switch on. Wouldnt at least the red LED, the status lamp be lit? Neither LED is lit. I have to remove the sheathing that houses the wires from the unit. There's a place that laid against the exhaust pipe and I'm betting this is where the problem is at. But in the meantime can someone check their unit to see if any of the LEDs I pointed out do illuminate. just make sure the unit you have is the same as mine with two lamps and that it is the fixed unit from the factory and not the ones you can modify.