Twist grip sensor question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hotrodjohn, Jan 15, 2012.

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    I was trying to find out what the two wire connector on the fly by wire twist grip is for. I know the six wire connector is for the throttle. My Ultra has another two wire connector on the twist grip but the other end inside the fairing hooks to nothing. I looked at the wire diagram in the manual but was not able to find it. Looks to be for heated grips possibly?? I would like to leave it off and not fish that part of the harness thru the handlebars. Is there any reason not to cut and solder the six wires for the twist grip to lengthen The wires? I see 12" harness lengtheners but then I would have to get two of the conectors thru the bars if I cut and solder I think it might be easier:D
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    I just went through this with my street glide. You're right... The dealer said that those 2 wires are for heated grips. And the 12" extension is also prewired for the heated grips, it's just how they do it. As far as soldering the connection rather then using the green plug inside the bars, I talked to an hd tech that has soldered it in the past but recommended getting the extension harness. They say those wires need certain voltages at all times. And if there is a bad connection it will result in check engine light and codes. I broke my green plug and thought I could push it back together and be fine. Needless to say the check engine light kept coming on for the twist grip sensor. Well I ended up redoing all the wiring and buying the extension for it. And all is good. I agree it is very tight fit in the bars for all the wires and the plug but that is how it is from factory so it is possible. Hope that helps! Do it right the first time so there are no worries. JMO.
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    With computer and associated systems and wiring, voltage is very critical. I would definitely get the extended harness for proper installation.
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    Hot rod, I just finished installing a set of handlebars on my 09 ultra. The way the two wire heated grip wire is run, I found it easier to run it first with the green plug still on the wires, had no problem with it. After that it gets a little more challenging. The plug for all the other controls has to be removed from the wires and the wires run through the bars and then reassemble. My hat is off to Glider and the rest of the guys that put all the info on the self help section about this project. There are several different views and procedures to learn from. My advice is look up several and make sure you have a service manual. Good luck with yours, I really like the 2" pullbacks on mine.
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    Glad the tips helped you out.