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    :newsmile080: i have a 1988 hugger sometimes the lift turn indacators do not work.What could the problum be and how do i fix it
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    If it's only sometimes, try and see if it's the front or rear that doesn't light, then remove the 2 screws from the lens of the non functioning signal. Gently wiggle the bulb in the socket and see if it lights. Then push in on the bulb and turn it counterclockwise to remove it. Look at the lead contact point on the tip and the color of the base as well as the matching parts in the socket. If everything is cruddy looking, take some steel wool, fine sandpaper or a nail board and buff some shine into everything. Reassemble and try it out. New bulbs are cheap at the local chain auto parts stores, and the young guys inside are usually eager to help replace them. This is for the easy fix, there's a lot of other things that could cause it but lets try these first.
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    Breeze gave you some good advice.The bulbs are #1157 front and #1156 rear.

    A little more info would be helpfull.If youve ever seen a car with its turn signal blinking realy fast, that indicates a bulb on that side is out.
    When you say "sometimes they dont work", do you mean no lights at all?One blinks fast or stays on solid?Does your front running lamp on that side ever act up?
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    :p Thanks for the replays.I will give alittle more info.My bulbs are fine I was told I might have a short. Right front and rear signals work fine My Left front and rear will light but not away flash
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    If it does not work after you have checked what has already been posted to check . you may find the on off switch is likely the culprit. dirty contacts weak paddle contact. Often solved with a gentle burst of air in the crack of the sw. unlubricated contact cleaner sprayed into the same place will often negate the problem with out disassembly. JMO. works for me sometimes may not work for others. :cheers