Turn Signal Problem


I have a 2007 Fatboy. When I press the left turn signal switch the flashers come on. The right turn signal works fine and the flashers work fine, but the left turn signal does not work at all. Also, when I press the left turn signal and the flashers come on, the red key light starts blinking which indicates that the security system is armed. When I press the right turn signal switch the red key light stays off.
Any suggestions?
I checked the codes like you suggested and there are three codes that come up.

B1123 - Left turn signal lamp output short to ground

B1124 - Right turn signal lamp output short to ground

B1126 - Right turn signal lamp output short to battery


Does this mean that TSSM needs to be replaced?
One thing I did not mention is that 4 months ago I installed a Kuryakyn tail light. Could there be a problem with the load equalizer that was installed onto the wiring harness?

I didn't think of this because it has worked fine ever since I installed it. I'm reading the Kuryakyn website and it says that using the 4 way flashers could overheat the load equalizer. I have used the flashers.
I just took the equalizer off and everything works fine. I am wondering if I need to get a new equalizer, or if I can just run it without one?
One way to find out!:D

The TSSM may adjust to the difference, they do have a small learning curve, if not it will set a code/light the light then you have to replace the load eq.
I called the Kuryakyn tech support and was told that I did not need the equalizer because I was not running the l.e.d. turn signals, I am running the factory incandecent bulbs.

Thanks for all of the help finding the codes and the problem.
Glad it worked out for you. I took it for granted when you said you changed the lights and spoke of the turn signals that you did the LED directionals too. The EQ is not needed for just the tail light alone.

Glad you're hooked up in any event.
I have just had the same problem, no mods installed, I've only had the bike a couple of weeks, pulled B1123 - Left turn signal lamp output short to ground, as I haven't got a clue what any of that means I suppose I'm off to the dealer again, I say again as this is the second time I've had an electrical problem in as many weeks! :wall