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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by broncobob, Oct 8, 2010.

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    hey guys , got a good one here. a buddy of mine is in the smokie mountains a nd for some reason he lost his right front turn signal. when he puts his right turn signals on the right rear lamp stays on and his right front does.nt work. he has checked all the bulbs, right and left and all filiments are good. he says that no power is reaching the front bulb socket, but the 4 way flashers work fine. his bike is a 98 ultra classic, and old shrinners bike. not sure if hes checked the fuses or not but thought i would check with you guys first before he starts messing with it too much. i know that he is having a brake light issue sometimes because his lights will stay on until he taps the front brake lever a few times. any ideas?
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    Did he check that the front bulb is a double filiment, one for his running lights and one for his turn? Some times the front hand lever can use some lube, if it doesn't return all the way after applying the front brake it can keep a little pressure on the switch, he might also check the switch itself, make sure it's working the way it should. good luck
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    I recently change my levers to slotted chrome from drag specialty and the brake does not go out. When I put the old bake on it is fine. I called them and they said that it is the correct part number. Any ideas?
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    Is the dash turn signal indicator on along with the rear T/S?
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    Are you sure you didn't damage the brake light switch when you did the lever swap? I speak from experience when I say it is very easy to break the little tip off of it.

    I would do two things. First make sure the switch isn't broken. Second put the two levers together and compare the contours and see if they match. You can see the wear on the old lever where the switch has been making contact. See if that area matches your new lever. If it doesn't return the levers and try another brand.
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    Swap the bulbs from one side to the other.
    Then you can see if the trouble stays or goes to the other side.
    Use the same bulbs.
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    If all you have stated is true then the only thing that can cause this problem would be that the front right bulb has too low a draw on the flasher filament
    so either the bulb is faulty or the incorrect bulb is fitted
    However i would suspect that it does not flash when 4 way flash is in operation
    the only way to know if the bulb is the fault is to replace with a known working bulb of the correct wattage