Turn lights relocation kit on EURO nightster

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    hi again.
    anyway, since I moved to europe i'm constantly confused, 1st by metric system then by the women and now but my sportster.

    need to refit the turning lights so i can fit some saddlebags on it and local HD dealer does not have any refit kits, i have to order and they I have to wait for about 3-4 months (!!!) so I figured i'd rather buy some online and have them shipped over here in 2-3 weeks :)
    anyway, i've spent some time online looking for a PROPER relocation kit and either I'm a total idiot or I was not aware that US and euro versions of nightster differ...
    Everything I could find was more-less the same and looked like this
    2002 and Later Softail/Sportster - Except 2007 and Later FLSTF - BLACK Turn Signal Complete Kit

    or this
    Free 2013 Catalog

    which is basically the same.

    but here is how my bike looks from behind
    Dropbox - 2012-10-18 20.36.37.jpg - Simplify your life

    and here is sideview
    Dropbox - 2012-10-18 20.36.57.jpg - Simplify your life

    and the thing is that, according to the local laws and rules, licence plate has to be visible 24-7-365 hence its position and the light above the plate.

    Where to find a proper relocation kit for my bike?
    Any ideas? Magic maybe? :)
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    Here is a link to zodiac website
    [Zodiac Performance Products for Harley-Davidson]
    you can spend many hours going through their catalogue till you find the part you want
    go to your nearest zodiac dealer give him the part number you want and you should have your item within a week

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    Where are you that your license plate is so big??????
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    The dealer that supplied the no plate is in mocow as there name is on the plate mount