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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by GGMach1, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I have a stock 2007 Street glide and just got some Samson Silver Bullet 29" slip-on pipes. Do I need to change my air filter and/or re-tune the ECU or will the ECU compensate for the change and correct itself???
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    If your happy with the way the bike is running then you fine.
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    Welcome to the Forum. You will find lots of good info on the Self-Help pages, and in the heads of your fellow members.

    If the only changes you have made are the slip-ons, you will probably not NEED to do anything, but you may want to. The bikes are pretty lean out the door of the plant to make it through the EPA requirements. When you start freeing up the airways, that allows air to move more freely (in and out). If just one side is fiddled with, it might get a bit leaner, but only marginally. If you go fiddlin' with both in and out, then you need to do something to adjust the fuel or it will be too lean. Many of us here think that most street riders do not need the cost and complexity of a race tuner and expensive dyno time. A simple fueler that adds a bit at idle, acceleration, and full throttle is plenty for most applications. But there are lots of options that allow for more complexity if that is attractive to the beholder.

    So, do you NEED to do something? Probably not. But you may want to. If you choose a user friendly plug and play, you will be able to tweak the system once you fiddle with the intake side!!

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    I have read that the bikes are actually coming out a little rich vs lean that has been mentioned. Either way, pipes shouldn't cause you to have to get an AC and tune. But as was said, you will probably want to at some point in time to really help pull some of the power out of the bike that has been held back at the factory. You will also benefit from heat reduction with a proper tune and changing of oil to full syn.
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    I bought my RK Police 2 weeks ago (BOX STOCK) and decided immediately that it needed to sound like a Harley instead of a sewing machine. I also wanted better throttle response. The Dyna Street Bob I bought a couple of years ago had that and I was used to that performance. I was baffled by all the choices and knew I didn't need to do much (at this point) to make it what I wanted.

    Anyways, I asked a bunch of questions on this forum and got lots of helpful insight and advice. After pouring through all the posts on this very confusing issue (for me anyways) I decided to have the dealer program or "download" the "Stage 1" upgrade (approximately $200). I noticed immediate difference in response and power. It became a different bike. I did this instead of buying one of the aftermarket EFI programmers. I realized I don't have control over as much this way but believe all I needed was it to run a bit richer.

    I also wanted it to sound cool so I decided to install a pair of Samson slip-ons. Game over! This is exactly what I needed. Now it runs great and sounds awesome. I can't believe the difference. The 103ci motor runs out extremely nice.

    I hope this helps a little. :)